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'Haenam Maehwa Blossoms Festival' Announces the Arrival of Spring Time

[by Cho Suyoun] Every April, the warmth of spring is evident in Korea as many flower festivals take place. However, the festival in Haenam announces spring a little earlier than the ones in other areas. Thanks to the warmer weather in Haenam, the city located in the south end of Korea, flowers can be seen more than two weeks in advance.

After passing by the lands of salt pickled cabbages in a car about 10 minutes, beautiful maehwa (plum blossoms) farms are right in front of your eyes. Unlike cherry blossom festivals that are mostly held in the middle of April, '2014 Haenam Maehwa Blossoms Festival' is taken place from March 28 to 29 in Bohae Plum Farm in Haenam. 

In the 3rd week of March already, the half-bloomed maehwa greeted tourists with a scene of flower snowflakes. The festival has not started yet, but people brought lunch boxes and mats to the farm, feeling the mood of spring in bunch of flowers.

Bohae Plum Farm is run by an alcohol beverages company and is the biggest plum farm in Korea. So far, the plum blossoms festival in Gwangyang has been known more in public, but the one in the end of South Korea is known to be much bigger.

When you go up to the rooftop of administrative office in the plum farm, you can see the land full of white maehwa. With the office as the center, there are Mongolian tents next to the farm. In the tents, the area's popular foods, agro-fishery products and plum drinks are sold by local people. Right outside the tents, Korean classical music concerts are performed by local artists as well. To prevent traffic congestion, safety guards take care of cars that are coming in and out of parking lots while shuttle buses are also operated regularly.

Plum blossoms vary in colors. Along with white maehwa, which is the most general one, there are maehwa in dark and light pink that make up a big flower fence. When you take photos inside the colorfully bloomed tunnel, it looks as if you took photos at a film location. Next to chock-a-block plum blossom trees, dark pink camellias are also planted.

There is no need to feel sorrow that the festival period is shorter than other flower festivals. As of now, the festival is still a week away, but plum blossoms are almost in full bloom. Thus, visiting Haenam this week could be a great idea since avoiding the crowd comes as a bonus. More information about the festival is available on the official webpage of the Korea Tourist Service. (photo by bntnews DB)

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