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[Interview] A Few Misunderstandings about 4minute

[by Choi Song E] “Many people think we would be cold and grumpy because of our on-screen look. Our agency family says we are very comfortable to be with. We are nice kid, but people usually feel uncomfortable when they meet us the first time.” – Gayoon 

As Gayoon said, there are a few prejudices that always follow the name of 4minute: first, they look like cold, strong-minded city girls. Maybe it’s not all our faults. 4minute wears sexy, bold costumes, dominates the stage with their charismatic eyes, and sings songs about how confident they are. They don’t look like delicate, innocent girls like at all. 

However, 4minute was very far from what people thought they would be. They were just five normal girls laughing at nothing and joking around with each other. 

4minute recently had an interview with bntnews to introduce its new EP album ‘4minute World’. They did not care to look cool and fabulous like idol stars. Rather, they were eager to be closer to the public. 

 “Many people around us think of us merely as a performance group. The purpose of our title track ‘Whatcha Doin’ Today’ is to get closer to the fans.” – Gayoon

◆ 4minute World 

Why now? Big singers like Lee Sun Hee, Lee Seung Hwan, Cho Sung Mo, and many top female idol groups announced their comeback this spring, and so did 4minute. Why would they want to put themselves into this fierce competition? 

“To be honest, we have never had good timing to release a new album since our debut. So we decided not to care for the album release date and just show people our style.” - Sohyun

“We always prefer being unique to being the best. So our goal has always been ‘Have your own color’, not ‘Win the first place.’ We would not come back this moment if we didn't have confidence on that.” – Jiyoon

“From album jacket image to music video, we participated in every little details of the album. We made our CD into a calendar because we didn’t want it to be ‘something useless’ in the desk drawer.” –Hyun A

Everything about new album ‘4minute World’—the theme, music video, clothes, hairstyle, makeup look, and etc.—was made based on the five members’ idea. This album might be the one that best describes who they really are. 

Six years have passed since their debut. It’s time for them to show their real side. 4minute revealed that they just started enjoying the performance. 

“We have once performed with DJ. DOC at a college festival. They said, ‘You should get crazy if you want people to enjoy your performance. Don’t be shy on the stage.’ Their advice changed our mind. Our goal was to look cool and perfect on the stage. But now, we just try to have fun and play with the audiences.” - Gayoon

◆ When Spring Comes 

The five girls also revealed that they were so shy that they didn't have any close celebrity friends. 

“Five of us are always together, so it’s hard to make other celebrity friends. We tried to make friends during shooting a TV show, but we always ended up with awkward hello.” – Sohyun

“Maybe it’s because the five members are not good at pretending. Sometime, we have to make fake smile and pretend to be not awkward to be close to others. But we are horrible at that. (smile)” – Jihyun 

The five members said they are the kind of people who last forever once they become someone’s friends. Girls, no one would say no to five gorgeous girls like you asking to be friends. All you need to do is smile and say hi. (photo by CUBE Entertainment)

contact: news@bntnews.co.uk 

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Write: 2014-03-28 15:37:00 / Update: 2014-03-31 18:08:34

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