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Mountain, Sea and Foods; Spring Trip to Mokpo, Korea

[by Cho Suyoun] March is coming to the end, and city of Mokpo is covered with scents of spring. Mokpo, city located in the south end of Korea, is famous for foods that stimulate your appetite. And a view of vast ocean seen from the peak of Mokpo’s heart Mt. Yudal automatically makes your hand press buttons on a camera.

When you visit Mokpo, there are certain places you must go, and if you have to choose only a single place, Mt. Yudal is the place you have to visit above all. Mt. Yudal is a symbolic place in Mokpo, where sea and mountain coexist, and local citizens often walk up the mountain. Walking across the great stone Nojukbong, where general Lee Soon Shin fought against Japanese soldiers hundreds of years ago, you face the entrance of mountain on your right.

Mt.Yudal’ height is only 228m, but is famous for forsythia festival and outdoor sculpture park. Thanks to the warm weather in southern area, forsythias start to bloom in the mid-March and are in full bloom in the beginning of April, covering the mountain in yellow.

After walking about 30 minutes, you can already reach the peak, where a huge stone is located. This place is often referred as an observation deck of Mokpo since you can see a very big ocean to the south and a city packed with buildings and houses to the north. There are two telescopes at this place so you can also view a giant vessel much closer.

Another hot spot is Plaza Pyeonghwa (peace). Plaza Pyeonghwa is interpreted as Myeongdong of Mokpo, but the difference from Myeongdong is that there is a blue ocean right across cafes streets. You only enter one of the usual cafes, but there is an unobstructed ocean view right outside the window. You can not only see the view from window, but also can stroll down the boardwalk that looks as if it touches the sea.

When standing on the trail and stare at the ocean, there are small islands one after another, big fat seagulls that seemed to have eaten lots of fishes and Lake Youngsan that was created due to an estuary dam. Just staring at the ocean makes your heart feel refreshed and clears your head off.

The foods in southern areas including Mokpo easily empty your rice bowl and make you eat another bowl. In Mokpo, sashimi, spicy crab, small octopus and a mix of skate fish, kimchi and pork are popular. Anywhere you go, owner at restaurants are friendly and are generous to a fault. 

Including a main dish, side dishes are all exceptionally delicious. Even before ordering, all sorts of delicacies are served that the table is literally groaning with foods. If an owner sees you eating deliciously, you will definitely be given one more dish of the same food. If you eat every bit of the dishes, you will feel full already that you won’t be able to eat the main one.

And before leaving this beautiful city, you must visit this local bakery that has nearly 70 years of history. If Leesungdang bakery is popular in Gunsan and Sungsimdang bakery in Daejeon, there is Colombang bakery in Mokpo. Colombang is familiar to anyone living in Mokpo and is more than a bakery. They all tried the bakery’s famous red bean bread at least once, and grandparents had blind dates at this place 50 years ago.

The exact same quality compared to 70 years ago still draw people in any age group and take orders from all across the country. The bakery’s cream cheese baguette and shrimp baguette are out of stock in the afternoon so visiting in the morning is recommended. (photo by bntnews DB)

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