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[Interview] Rookie Park Soo Jin’s Remarkable Debut Year

[by Choi Mi Sun / translated by Cho Suyoun] “I truly feel honored to be called a ‘monster rookie.’”

Unlike other newly debuted singers, Park Soo Jin has such a powerful voice that immediately attracts attention of others. Right after the debut, she was highly complimented by musician Lim Chang Jung 'Unbelievable!'

Park Soo Jin first appeared on TV through an MBC’s auditioning program in 2013. After winning the second place, she signed a contract with her mentor in the program, Brave Brother. And after a year later, Park stepped into music industry with her first digital single song ‘My Story’ last March.

“I still can’t believe that I have my own music album. Since my friends are still attending school, it feels weird to live an extraordinary social life.”

Park Soo Jin, who just turned 20, showed lots of excitement about her official debut as a musician during the interview with bntnews.

Her debut song ‘My Story’ is a soft R&B song made with piano sounds and Park’s powerful voice. When the newly became star was asked if there is any difference after becoming a musician, she answered, “When I was in the auditioning program, I just tried my best to sing my seniors’ songs. But now, I’m trying to be professional in singing my own song.”

In one program, producer Brave Brother said, “Park Soo Jin has certain things that were naturally born with her. That certain sensitivity is not something that can be learned externally.”

Regarding his compliment, Park admitted frankly that she has some natural talents. “I always have loved singing since I was a child. I went on every talent show and won some awards fortunately. Above all, studying practical music at high school helped me a lot.”

According to this 20-year-old musician, applying to MBC’s auditioning program was a suggestion from an associate, who saw her winning the 2nd place at another band talent show.

Park Soo Jin looked energetic during the whole interview, but did not have such a flat road to debut. Since the preliminary of the audition program ‘The Great Birth,’ Park’s mother has fought against liver cirrhosis. Three weeks ago, Park’s brother gave his liver to his mom, and both of them are currently recovering from the surgery.

In SBS’ documentary program recently, Park Soo Jin showed all about her daily life, family and friends. The star must have had some hurtful parts in telling all, but she didn't hesitate to tell.

“No, not at all. when most people meet me for the first time, they tell me that I look cold so I’m glad to show everything about me. At least they won't think I’m a cold person anymore. Above all, it was like a special gift to my family. My dad especially liked to be on TV because people recognized him.”

When the rookie was asked whom she looks up to, she answered without hesitation, “In Soon Yi. She still sings at her age and sings as if she’s talking softly. I love the way she sound so much.”

The newly rising star also seemed to have drawn a specific future for her. Park’s wish is to see audiences fascinated by her voice only at a big stage concert. After talking to her for an hour, it was obvious that the passion and love she had for music were certainly bigger than anyone else.

“Before going on to stages, I always sing as if it is the last time. I wanted to show everything I had so that I never regret.” (photo by bntnews DB)

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