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[Interview] Jung Il Woo, ‘I Like Being Called Flower Boy’

[by Kim Yena / translated by Chloe Yun] “I’m very careful when choosing a new movie or character. I worry a lot, too. The older I get, the more things I have to be responsible for. Acting is my vocation I’ll do forever in my life.”

Eight years ago when Jung Il Woo first appeared on TV making nunas (older womens) go ‘Awww’ with his cute smile and handsome face. Today, he turned into a mature man captivating female fans with his masculine charm. Throughout the eight years of acting, he has grown into a real man and improved his acting skill. Jung looked more relaxed and confident than ever. 

Actor Jung Il Woo had an interview with bntnews talking about his recent days and career as an actor. He started with his recent drama series ‘Golden Rainbow’, which went off the air last March. 

“It was a long series. All the crew members were physically tired. I’m glad our efforts paid off. I got a lot of help from veteran actors especially when I shot emotionally intensive scenes. Cho Min Gi and Park Won Sook always gave me a good advice and cheered me up. I was the luckiest”, Jung said expressing his gratitude to other Golden Rainbow stars. 

Jung Il Woo’s character ‘Seo Do Young’ led the overall emotion of the series. He fully absorbed his role showing great emotion especially when ‘Seo Do Young’ suffered from the hopeless love and conflict with father. 

“In the beginning, I tried to look bright. I made my fake voice—which is higher than my real voice is—and try to look as light as possible. Entering into the end, I dyed my hair black and wore dark clothes to look dark and mature. I wanted to change the voice tone and way of speaking to show Seo Do Young’s cold, prudent side”, Jung continued. 

“When I was younger people told me my first impression was a cold good-looking boy. But now that many people think of me as a prudent, mature man, I started realizing I have grown up and am much more relaxed than before.”

It was true. Jung Il Woo was somehow more confident and relaxed than ever. He said he realized he’s changed when he found himself actually enjoying his acting career. 

“Fans used to like ‘Cha Chi Soo’ from ‘Flower Boy Ramen Shop’ the most among the characters I’ve played. Today, they told me I fit ‘Seo Do Young’ better. Maybe it's because they could feel the way I talk and my voice tone from Seo Do Young. "

He said, 'One day I opened my eyes in the morning and I turned 28. It’s just grateful when people call me flower boy these days (smile).”

The older we get the faster time goes. Jung Ill Woo wanted ceaseless change and challenge. He was still thirsty. He didn't try hard to be a good actor because of good recognition; he just wanted to continue living as an actor. 

“Acting is not something you can evaluate with numbers. I think I’m naturally improving my acting skill as I get older and more experienced. I want to continue my acting career until my acting skill reaches the climax,” he said expressing his passion for his actor life. (photo by Star K Entertainment) 

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