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Tips For Makeup, How To Make A ‘Small Face’

[By Koo Hye Jin] There are numerous stars who have small faces in the entertainment world.

It’s pretty amazing to see their faces on which eyes, nose, and mouth are elaborately placed, even though they are merely the size of a CD and even smaller than a palm. 

As a small and narrow face became another standard of beauty, a lot of women are putting efforts to make small and slim facial features. Then, is it possible to do so only with makeup? 

Contouring & Highlighting 

If you want to make a small face with strong features, you have to keep in mind only two things; Contouring and highlighting.

Simply speaking, contouring is to add some shaded area on a face. You can make your face look smaller and more three-dimensional by intentionally contouring particular area. Since it’s ‘shading’, you have to use a color darker than your skin tone. If you want more dramatic effects, you’d better use contouring products with no gloss, instead of glossy one.

Now let’s use a highlighter to make your face more three-dimensional. The most universally used highlighter is the powder type. Casually brush your forehead and the bridge of your nose. Plus, give a light touch to the C-zone, which includes the eyebrow and the end of your eyes.

Shedding For Facial Contou

Take an appropriate amount of content with a brush, and lightly touch your facial contour, especially around your cheekbones. If you want to make up your angular face more round, give gradations of color from your bottom chin to the upper part.

Shedding For Nose & Hairline

Nose- Give contouring effects around your bridge and naturally connect them to eyebrows. If you have a wide nose or long bridge, touch the tip of your nose to make it nicer.

Hairline- With a wide brush, apply on the loose part with less hair, just like filling it up with color. After that, perfect the area with thin color using a smaller brush.

Editor’s Pick

1. 3 CONCEPT EYES BOLD SHADING For contouring makeup, it’s useful for small and three-dimensional facial features, with natural colors that have no flush. Powder doesn’t fly a lot, and the color looks clear. 

2. 3 CONCEPT EYES MAGIC TOUCH FACE MAKER A face maker that makes your face more three-dimensional by adjusting light and shade. Its highlighting color naturally harmonizes with skin, and shedding color also works on any skin tone.

3. 3 CONCEPT EYES MAGIC TOUCH FACE MAKER This product contains baked radiant boosting mineral and can make a three-dimensional contour with delicate colors.
4. 3 CONCEPT EYES MAGIC TOUCH FACE MAKER A colorful highlighter that has 4 different colors. It has transparent and graceful gloss and can make various expressions depending on touching. (photo by Stylenanda, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2014-08-28 15:08:05 / Update: 2014-08-31 10:12:04

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