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Breaking Down Your Curiosity! Reasons for the Popularity of ‘Cleansing Water’

[By Kim Hee Young] Cleansing is a secret method to maintain softness and smoothness of skin.

Wearing make-up all-day-long implies skin aging and reduces the ability of storing moisture under the skin. However, ladies cannot pass up a chance to become beautiful via aesthetic products.

In this society where women cannot think of themselves without cosmetics, a process to remove waste and foreign substance on their body and face has become definitely significant. Besides, as troubles care and skin texture is closely related to how well ladies may put on make-up, they pay attention to and take considerable care of that.

When it comes to skin care, ‘cleansing’ is inevitably mentioned. Especially, cleansing water products that target young generations who feel annoyed to do bothersome things are in trend.

Here are users’ comments after their using the cleansing water products.

 #Users’ Comments According to Their Skin Types

Get Rid of Bothersome Cleansing!
A Dry Skin Type_ A Reporter, Kim Bo Ram

Kim Bo Ram, as a reporter, usually covers cases and has meetings so frequently that her body and skin suffer from too much fatigue. After leaving the office, she uses the cleansing water products to remove make-up instead of just washing up. She is attached to the products since they make her skin smooth and are convenient to use.

Cleansing Water Products Are the Best for Sensitive Skins
A Combination of Dry and Oily Skin Types_ A Nurse Jeon Su Jin

Ms. Jeon has daily concerns on cosmetics and cleansing since she has a very sensitive skin type. When she made use of diverse cleansing goods, she felt a feeling of stickiness left on her face; in contrast, she just feels fresh when she uses the cleansing water products. Even whenever washing with a foam cleanser, Ms. Jeon takes the cleansing water products to feel fresh.

Using Cleansing for Each Part of Body!
A Oily Skin Type_ A University Student Seo Min Ji

Seo Min Ji, a university student, loves to take care of herself. As she does so, she also pays huge attention to cleansing, as well. A special aspect of her is that she uses different products according to each of their functions to her body. After taking removers for lips and eyes to take off point-makeup, she uses the cleansing water products for her bare skin. As the cleansing water is pure as itself, it also functions as a way to relieve troubles.

Popular Cleansing Water Products

1. innisfree calming cleansing water with dandelion and green complex protects a skin oil-water membrane but removes only waste with sub-acidity. This product has high soothing capability and offers freshness at the end. As a highly-moist water base, this cleansing water contains five chemical components.
2. BIODERMA Crealine H2O is a cleansing water product for sensitives skins with its highly-effective cooling-down effect. After using this, no additional washing up with water is needed, and this product eliminates dryness by guarding lipid membrane for moisture.
3. innisfree green tea pure cleansing water consists of organic green tea and efficiently purges simple point make-ups like a sun cream and BB cream. One pump is enough.
4. VICHY PURETE THERMALE 3 in 1 cleansing water is hypo-allergenic and removes eye make-up and skin waste. Thermal water of Vichy soothes sensitive skins and supplies moist so that moisture is maintained. (Photo by: bntnews DB, innisfree, BIODERMA, VICHY)

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