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Eyewear Styling For The Elegant Middle-Aged

[by Yoo Jung] Recently many elegant middle-aged celebrities have taken over the television screens. The beautiful faces and bodies of middle-aged actresses are putting the positions of young actresses at risk.

With experienced acting skills and matured level of beauty, the title ‘middle-aged’ does not suit them anymore. In the past, the image of a middle-aged individual tended to lean towards the usual old lady or man but recently middle-aged actors and actresses that are portrayed on television recently have changed to be seen even as those in their twenties.

For these actresses, eyewear holds a special meaning. Eyewear styling helps these middle aged women to portray a young and lively image in addition to their innate elegance. Let’s find out what eyewear styling was done in the photo shoots of these actresses.

● Syndrome For An Actress In Her Forties, Kim Hye Eun

Kim Hye Eun majored in vocal music and worked as a weathercaster before making her debut as an actress. Officially earning her spotlight in 2012, Hye Eun was able to portray her femme fatal charms through the television and movie screen. She has now become a familiar middle-aged actress to us all.

In the recent JTBC drama series ‘Secret Love Affair’ she played the role of a elegant woman named Seo Young Woo and caused a syndrome for actresses in their forties. Her sense of fashion was recognized after every episode and named the ‘Kim Hye Eun style’, drawing the attention of middle-aged women. 

Her charms were also visible in photo shoots. Her modern styling was seen through her photo shoot that portrayed the confidence of a career woman in her forties. The big-framed eyewear also allowed the style to become classier.

● Ye Ji Won’s Time Goes Backwards

Ye Ji Won is one of few actresses that have continuously acted in movies and dramas throughout many years. Recently she has stepped into the field of variety programs, allowing viewers to see her many charms. She has gained popularity from the viewers due to her unique character.

She had confessed that although starring in a variety show is not an easy decision for an actress to make, she had decided to do so because she wanted a turning point as an actress. This also became a chance for the public to realize the unique characteristics of Ye Ji Won once again.

The lively and honest charms of Ye Ji Won were portrayed in her photo shoots as well. She chose to wear leopard-patterned sunglasses while showing her fun expressions during the shooting. Big-framed wayfarer styled eyewear suits anyone regardless of age or style. For the middle-aged who want to express youth, this is an appropriate item.

● Gianna Jun In Her Forties, Yi Il Hwa

Yi Il Hwa, who has starred in both the SBS drama ‘My Love From The Star’ and the KBS drama ‘Jeong Do-Jeon’, is an actress that suits the image of a flower. In the Reply drama series she was able to act out the role of a mother with a thick accent and drew the attention of many viewers. The pictures of her past became a hot topic as well due to her beauty.

Acting between the borders of elegant and comical characters, Yi Il Hwa has portrayed a wide spectrum of the characters she can act out and has been mentioned as Gianna Jun in her forties due to her beauty. Recently, there was news that she would be starring in the new SBS drama ‘Modern Farmer’ and the anticipation of the viewers is increasing.

In a photo shoot, Yi Il Hwa has shown a chic career woman styling in contrast to her usual warm motherly image. Wearing a black see-through blouse and high-waisted pants, she showed a modern look while finishing off the look with black optical frames.

Optical frames in such round frames allow the person wearing the glasses to portray a sophisticated image. If you are middle-aged and wish to portray an elegant and sophisticated image, selecting eyewear can be seen as a must. (photo by: Bando Optical, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2014-08-29 18:36:10 / Update: 2014-08-31 10:28:01

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