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[Interview] Kim A joong, “was lonely…want to get marry now”

[Lee Jung hyun / translated by Kang Jung yeon / photo by Kim Gang yoo] Romantic comedy queen Kim A joong is back with a new movie My P.S. partner. She hasn’t been on screen for 6 years, and she is back looking cuter, sexier, and hotter.

With actor Ji Sung, the movie My P.S. partners frankly talk about a man and woman’s phone sex. They talk over the phone about their sex fantasy, concern, the problem or trouble they have, and start to fall in love.

“When I first read the script, I was surprised to read the strong lines. First, I thought isn’t this to straight out or strong, but as I think more and more my thought changed to just nobody tried this before. I wanted to make a bold choice. The main character is not so much a fan of phone sex anyway. She is just a woman in 20s who wants to be loved, and I felt connected with her.”

It may be she acted as a lonely woman who wants to be loved. During the interview she revealed her mind saying “As more and more the filming goes on, I wanted to get married more and more.” The character she played is desperately wants to get married. 

She said for the acting, she had to remind her previous date, and unfortunately it was around 6 years ago. She said, “My friends set up her on a date few times, and enjoyed a few date, but couldn't keep the relationship. The first reason was my jog as an actress.”

“People usually feel a gap about celebrity. I have to talk and find out about him, but they usually search me on the internet then come to have conversation with me. Since the start line is different, it is hard to continue the relationship.”

She also mentioned a little bit about her ideal type of man. She said Ji Sung is a nice man, but he is not on ideal type of her. “I like soft and reliable man better than masculine man. I’ve met actor Han Suk gyu before, and it could guess the feeling what people say bell ringing.

In her movie, the character she plays is sexy and cute at the same time, so it is not an easy to play the character. However, she still wants to challenge more and wants to try harder. “I feel much happier when I hear a compliment through my works, than people complimenting about my look”

Since her last movie was a big hit, she concerned what to show to audience. She said “This movie was a challenge for everybody from me, Ji Sung, to the director. I hope everyone enjoy it.”

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