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[bnt interview] ‘My Love, My Bride’ Shin Min Ah, Oh My Goddess

[by Choi Song Hee, translated by Sora Ghim] She said she hated the word ‘goddess.’

While talking, she continued to squirm whenever she heard the word, saying it was cheesy. “It’s one of the most embarrassing names and the article title I can’t stand the most.” Obnoxiously, we call her it one more time.

From the recent film, ‘My Love, My Bride,’ actress Shin Min Ah met with bntnews for an interview to reveal her true self.

“The word goddess is a bit…, (laughs) rather than my works, I think the commercials and pictorial have started the nickname. I think that is why like, ‘My Love, My Bride’s’ Mi Young, I wanted to play a realistic character. The opportunity was scarce. That is one thing that never seemed to happen the way I want it to.”

From ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ to ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox,’ and most recently, ‘Gyeongju,’ Shin Min Ah always played a mysterious and magical character. She has continuously played character that are hard to relate to but that changes in ‘My Love, My Bride.’ She has the concerns of average women and the emotions. This was a moment to discover Shin Min Ah’s normal lifestyle. It felt slightly unfamiliar.

“It’s not the first time playing an average person, however it is the truth that it is uncommon. However, it is also fun playing your not-so-average character. I’ve been started wanting to play realistic personas since before my thirties. I think I’ve always just craved it. The opportunity just came at this time.”

The thirst for acting. “Something that all actors have,” is how she explains this thirst, “I started at a really young age,” in which she could have felt pressured or bored. However, as she reached her thirties, she reaffirmed her desire to “be happy, with an enjoying mindset like friends,” on acting.

“In my twenties, I felt tremendous pressure on acting. But looking at it now, it kind of seems like my husband… (laughs) I started to think that my relationship to acting should be like old friends.”

She has gotten lighter. Upon acting, upon herself, there was no hesitation. Now that the pressure is gone, there is a new aura coming from the actress. It is as if ‘My Love, My Bride,’ has become one signifier.

“There seemed to be no expectation of the film since I was in it. People around me told me ‘Good job’ but the body doesn’t know. There was no plan for me to ruin my image. However, there was pressure from the original film. I had greed to create a newer and more fun version.”

To the mass public, Shin Min Ah’s Mi Young may be embarrassing. Goddess Shin Min Ah has her face pushed into a bowl of noodles, and her wary singing was all fine by her. Although, “the process of expressing the fun factors” couldn’t hide her embarrassed face, this has moved her a step closer to being an actress.

Shin Min Ah was able to become an average woman thanks to Jo Jung Suk’s Young Min. The two o well together and have similar humor codes where they filled in each other’s empty spots. This caused envy amongst people for their great chemistry.

“It was a lot of fun during filming. My sense of humor is similar to Jung Suk’s. The newlywed scenes were mostly all impromptu. During one of the scenes, Jung Suk pulls down his pants, that idea was mine. Usually when someone gives an idea like that, the other actor can feel bad, but Jung Suk whole-heartedly accepted the idea, saying it sounds like it’ll be fun. Even in areas like that, I think we match well.”

Empathy. That is ‘My Love, My Bride’s’ biggest power. Understanding each other and the roles was relayed onto the audience. When asked what scene was the most relatable to her, she chose “the scene where I talk in the bathroom.”

“Although I’m not married, I was able to relate to that by looking at the scenario. I thought, how would I be able to understand this…, as women age, they each think at least once, when they feel the less like a woman. Especially if she is married and the person she loves treats me like that. I think that is why I was able to relate more and feel hurt.”

Unlike Director Lee Myeong Sae’s original ‘My Love, My Bride,’ Shin Min Ah and Jo Jung Suk’s ‘My Love, My Bride’ is about the two giving up their dreams and working to live. This draws on the current social conditions, which is the main difference from the original.

“In the film, Mi Young has to support her husband while earning money. She majored in art but she doesn’t make her own work anymore and becomes a teacher. Looking at Mi Young, many people should be able to relate to her. As much as the times have changed, the number of working couples increased. Different from the original, the movie fits this current generation.”

Mi Young majored in art but in reality, she compromised and settled for an art school. “She believed she was still drawing, but in fact she was not.” This line hit home for a lot of viewers. Then, how is reality for Shin Min Ah? We asked her who she thought was the most ideal actor who is successful in his career.

“I think it is Jeon Do Yeon or Jun Ji Hyun. Before, if you got married, you had to focus on housework, but these two are married yet they still work hard at their job. I think that marriage isn’t everything, but it makes me envious and think it’s great.” (photo by bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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