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[TV Report] 'My Lovely Girl' Krystal, Is She In Love?

[by Yena Kim, translated by Woorim Ahn] You can lie, but you can't ever hide your heartbeats.

In episode 7 of 'My Lovely Girl', aired on October 8, Krystal found herself that she kept falling in love with Jung Ji Hoon.

In the episode, Yoon Se  Na (Krystal Jung)'s short skirt bothered Lee Hyun Wook (Jung Ji Hoon).  Hyun Wook said "Why did you wear a short skirt? For what?" then he put his jacket on her and continued "Don't wear such a thing from now."

Se Na stared at Hyun Wook, smiled and said "I might have a crush on you if you behave like this" and revealed her thoughts. Then Hyun Wook replied "Most girls fall for me. I can't handle my charm" and took a step back.

On the next day, Si Woo (Kim Myung Soo 'L') announced to Hyun Wook that he wouldn't sing Se Na's song. Si Woo said "I know her song is good. The thing that I don't trust is myself, not the song. You know I can't sing. I will show a performance rather than singing."

Hyun Wook got in trouble because of that. It was hard for him to tell Se Na that Si Woo rejected her song since Se Na was so excited about her debut as a composer. However, since even the investors rejected her song, Hyun Wook decided to tell the truth to Se Na.

When Se Na and Hyun Wook took a walk along Han River, she said "Are you coming next week for the recording session?" with excitement. Then Hyun Wook said "I will tell a mean thing to you now, your song has been cancelled."

Se Na said "I'm embarrassed. I've already told my friends. But then, did you come all the way here to tell this? I like this though", pretended to ease her mind and walked ahead of Hyun Wook. However, Se Na was crying and Hyun Wook hugged and comforted her by saying "If you want to cry, then just cry now."

When Se Na came back home, she drank with her friends. She realized that she kept thinking about Hyun Wook and told her friends that "It's weird. My heart keeps beating." Then her friends said "Are you thinking of Hyun Wook? You must be in love." When Se Na heard this from her friends, she ran to Hyun Wook with her trembling heart.

Hyun Wook asked "What's happening?" when Se Na went to him all of sudden, then Se Na said "I missed you" and confessed her feelings. Soon, she continued "I meant Dal Bong, not you" and hid her thoughts and Hyun Wook smiled.

Se Na realized that she fell in love with Hyun Wook. It must be love since her heart kept beating whenever she thought of him. However, Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) found out that Se Na is the younger sister of Hyun Wook's ex-girlfriend (Lee Si Ah). This implied Hyun Wook and Se Na's love would not be just simple.

Meanwhile, 'My Lovely Girl' airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10pm. (photo by SBS drama 'My Lovely Girl' captured images)

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