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[bnt Interview] ‘Slow Video’ Cha Tae Hyun "My friends's response to the movie was unsual"

[by Park Yoon Jin / Translated by Nawael Khelil] You saw him in ‘Highway Star’, ‘BABO’, ‘Speedy Scandal’, ‘Hello Ghost’, ‘Champ’ and now in ‘Slow Video’. Even if Cha Tae Hyun is the kind of actors who elevate acting to a science, his usually plays very similar characters. To that extend where you wonder how he would act in his next movie, half-worried half excited to discover the result. As for ‘Slow Video’, it was a success for the Korean actor: 1,000,000 viewers in only eleven days.

“Expectations? It’s better that the public has a lot than it has none.” Cha Tae Hyun replied without hesitating, showing that he’s confident about his movies. When we tell him that we feel like the scenario was written for him, he stops us right there: “I never asked, so I can’t be sure. But director Kim Yong Tak is not the kind of person who would write a scenario with a very actor in mind.”

We met Cha Tae Hyun before ‘Slow Video’ hit theaters and asked him about what his friends thought about the movie, “Their expressions were violent. It was the first time I received such a response.” Indeed, with Yeo Jang Boo (Cha’s character in ‘Slow Video’) composing the top 3 of his roles with Gyun Woo (‘My Sassy Girl’) and Seung Ryong (‘BABO’), we can assume that the audience had high expectations.

“Compliments… the nicest thing I ever heard was…”

Some tears here, admiring colleagues there, someone telling him that the director was a genius, another saying that it was his best role ever… all these appraisals made Cha Tae Hyun feel awkward.

Was the interest of the scenario proportional to the unusual response of his friends? “I laughed while watching the movie. Especially during the pitching scene and I was so into the part when Baek Gu’s father sprang up in bed and went to save his son.” My wife and manager’s comments were warm though, they knew I was going to do it anyways. They were right.

“We understand why you decided to do it”, they said, and it was probably the best compliment he ever received from them. As for his personal comments on his acting, Cha shared them with director Kim Yong Tak, with whom he had worked already on ‘Hello Ghost’.

“I started to understand this person by paying attention to his personality: he’s clear and severe. He loves this kind of Japanese movies that are boring and weird but he also manages to work on difficult subjects such as possession or dynamic visual acuity in a fun way. I thought that he really improved while I watched the movie. ‘Slow Video’ is actually more of director Kim’s growth than my character’s.”

“I wanted to try melodramas. This is good enough.”

The fact that ‘Slow Video’ is a melodrama and a comedy is one of the reasons that appealed Cha Tae Hyun. After his marriage, he suddenly started to think about acting in a melodrama – he never really considered these before –.

The love story between Cha Tae Hyun and Nam Sang Mi in this movie doesn’t require an ardent acting, but it seems that the challenge was big enough for Cha Tae Hyun to tell “I won’t be thirsty anymore for melodramas” after he filmed ‘Slow Video’. We assume that, as he’s approaching the 40s, he wanted to try something new, like Song Seung Hun with ‘Obsessed’ or Jung Woo Sung with ‘Scarlet Innocence’.

“I never really enjoyed watching melodramas. I can’t really identify… probably because I have three kids. I wanted to try to act in one, I did it, it’s enough.”

It’s not the first time he plays a character who has a superior visual acuity. Filming ‘Champ’ was difficult as well as he spent more than 80% of the time not being able to see properly. He probably needed to prepare this role a lot, “Not really. As your eyes are covered the whole time, you don’t have to work on your stares. There’s nothing to show.”

However, he was a bit concerned by the scene where Jang Boo starts to feel dizzy as he runs and ends up fainting, “Actually, the subject of dynamic visual acuity implies a fall. I heard that from a person who had troubles finding their center of gravity. If we compare it to Yeo Jang Boo, his problem is as severe and if I wanted to show the audience the seriousness of it, I needed to fall and act properly.”

People tend to say that Cha Tae Hyun sticks to one kind of performance but he managed to show a new side of him through ‘Slow Video’ and extended the world of comedy, proving that his name as an actor has a wide influence and power. It’s obvious that people will raise their expectations toward such a trustful actor.

“If there remain things that I wasn’t able to experience as an actor, I will just need an opportunity to do so. That’s how I think. My dream was to act as the main character of a movie, so I can say that it came true. I want to leave a trace of my life as an actor so as my children could look back and realized how I worked. That’s why I appear in variety programs. I am also preparing a global project with a second version of ‘My Sassy Girl.” (photos by bntnews DB)

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