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[bnt Interview] ‘My Love, My Bride’ Jo Jung Suk, the Dream Guy

[by Choi Song Hee / Translated by Nawael Khelil] Yong Min. Yong Min is the kind of names that are so common that you expect at least two or three persons to look at you if you call it out on the street. It makes you think of that random Korean guy with messy hair and an indecisive expression on his face. However, if you overcome this ‘common’ feeling, you will find about someone who’s everything but ordinary: actor Jo Jung Suk.

During our interview held with the actor before the release of his movie ‘My Love, My Bride’ (directed by Im Chan Sang), he kept referring at himself as ‘the most normal guy ever’.

As a normal guy, he could relate to Yong Min and managed to make one with the character. His body, his mind, even his height are those of the Korean regular man but this Yong Min is somehow more hot-blooded and really passionate.

“Yong Min is kind, and a bit simplehearted. That’s why the movie feels like a fairy tale. It seems like it’s the strength of the film. The context is a bit ironic, right? The fact that it tells a real story but sounds like a fairy tale. (laughs) Even the scene where he meets his friends. Men in their 30s talking without using swearwords…have you ever seen that?”

According to Jo, ‘My Love, My Bride’ is a movie that despite telling the rational story of a very ordinary marriage, possesses a part of fantasy that you usually only find in tales. However, it has this strength of translating emotions regardless the time and the place to the viewers.

“I was the same. I was really moved by all the emotion contained in the scenario as I first read it. I also was the type that comes and goes when it comes to a relationship. I had fun finding about the scenario but I realized that the movie needed us to develop a genuine bond of sympathy. It reflects my personal experience, you really feel like it’s the life of a 35 years old, and I related to everything, from the proposal to the hospital scenes.”

Identification is the strength of ‘My Love, My Bride’, its weapon. “Guys particularly relate to the chapter about the ‘pornography demon’.” Did he? When we asked, he started to laugh while tilting his head.

The chapter ‘Pornography Demon’ depicts how a stranger girl suddenly became able to perturb Yong Min’s heart who didn’t know anything apart the Anglo-Saxon world.

Jo Jung Suk appeased the situation: “Personally, I like the chapter entitled ‘I love you Mi Yong’.” It sounded like a lie said to step back, but he insisted that he was really sincere.

“Really… I actually love hospital scenes... For real… (laughs) I like seeing the two characters confessing to each others and clearing their misunderstandings. Doesn’t Yong Min tell Mi Young that he will love her forever? If you look closely, you see that he confesses after taking a long and deep breath. It means that he’s really since, doesn’t it? This scene is really good. As a man, it’s a scene I really like.” As he stopped talking, he felt he had not said enough and added “I worked a lot on this.” This awkward phrase, told on purpose, resulted in a smile on his face.

“I feel good about it, regardless the movie or the character because I always try to become one with them. I do that by borrowing this body that everyone calls ‘actor Jo Jung Suk’. That’s why every time I tried a comedy, people tended to compare my new character with the one I played in ‘Architecture 101’. Some even said that I played his ‘Joseon version’ in ‘The Face Reader’. But now they make the difference, and I am really thankful for it.”

If Jo’s character in ‘Architecture 101’ could have made a good One Man Show, the charms of Yong Min and Mi Young is more of a comedy of situation. Besides, it’s only thanks to the two actors’ harmonious collaboration that viewers are able to laugh while watching ‘My Love, My Bride’.

“If Min Ah hadn’t helped me, the result would have not been so fun. She came with a lot of ideas about our performances in ‘My Love, My Bride’. Like there’s a scene where I take off my pants during our newly-wed sketch, that’s her idea. We were just given the situation, but she proposed that Yong Min would take off his pants and we immediately put it as an ad-lib.

Can such a cofactor be unlovable? Jo Jung Suk kept praising Shin Min Ah, he didn’t forget to mention that she’s a great actress. He was so sweet toward her that we couldn’t help but ask “Are you sure that you’re not dating?” causing him to laugh again.

“I should be thankful that you think so. I think it’s a very valuable praise for two actors to receive after they played a couple. I was really happy to work with Min Ah. I also was a fan. She has a lot, right? Even my girl friends were jealous. They keep asking me ‘So? How is she? Is she so pretty?’ and stuffs. (laughs)”

Jo is totally confused, some of his friends told him he should marry her, while others were shouting him not to dare. We asked if living a false ‘marriage’ raised his interest toward wedding or if, on the contrary, it made him want to wait.

“There was no real impact. I think that happiness comes from little things. Ah, there’s something. I feel like I would have to apologize very quickly for doing something bad if I get married. When you date someone and you fight, you can just leave and wait for things to settle down. It’s different when you’re married. Because you have to share the same space. (laughs) You must find a way to solve the problem, right?”

“I will probably feel like I fulfilled everything”, he said when we were talking about his impressive filmography. He was a bit surprised to realize that he extended his own influence to stages, television and cinemas though at only 35 years old.

“I know it’s a good thing, but there are still millions of things that I can do. I try to consider my career as an adventure, trying new challenges and changes as much as I can. Even if this road can lead me to failure, I will still go for it.”

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Jo Jung Suk - Interview

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