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[bnt Interview] 'Scarlet Innocence' A Classic Man, Jung Woo Sung

[by Choi Song Hee, translated by Woorim Ahn, photo by Jang Moon Sun] A classic man. What else would be a better adjective for him?

Before the premiere of 'Scarlet Innocence' Jung Woo Sung met with bntnews to talk about his new interpretation of classic and his unfamiliarity with the twisted up sense of the word.

In the movie, he played Shim Hak Gyu, a man who destroyed a woman's life. To save himself, he just runs away and the woman chases after him. In the end, everything is taken by the woman. Then, what was the 'desire' for a dying man?

"I didn't know during filming since I was in character, but I got to think of the character as I did many interviews. Physically, I am similar in age with Shim Hak Gyu. Age has everything in social position, values and powers. I thought I would be more careful as I get older. I sometimes reflect on myself if I did anything wrong. Through the character, I looked back myself."

Shim Hak Gyu is a guy who made an innocent virgin arouse desires and pretended like nothing happened. Jung Woo Sung could not even understand the character. When Jung Woo Sung read the scenario and felt confused about the character. Shim Hak Gyu was just a total egoist.

"The scene where Shim Hak Gyu left Duk Ee in a motel room was just ... When Duk Ee told Hak Gyu that she had a baby, I felt pity. It was hard to depict the character, but I just thought Hak Gyu should've made that choice. As I collided myself with the character, the acting became more interesting."

Although Jung Woo Sung couldn't understand the character, he had to display how Hak Gyu is to the audiences. As the processes were too tough, he wanted to deliver the 'processes' solely to the audiences.

"When Shim Hak Gyu started to have physical and economic damages, I tried not to lose his elegance from his 'ego'. I wanted to highlight how a man wants to keep himself as he gets destroyed to look more sympathetic."

During the interview, Jung Woo Sung used the word 'ego' many times because Shim Hak Gyu could not be complete without the word. While we were talking about bed scenes, the reporter asked “Isn't your body too good to be a creative writing professor?”

He replied “That’s why I didn’t work out. On top of that, Shim Hak Gyu is a total egoist. As he loses his sight, he keeps working out. Moreover, at that time, ‘The Divine Move’ was done filming. I just exercise regularly. I didn’t work out more because I didn’t think the bed scene was for showing off.”

The overall atmosphere of 'Scarlet Innocence' corresponds to the bed scenes of the movie. Bed scenes are rough but through that it makes the mass public think of its essentials. We asked "There was also a preposterous bed scene in the movie 'Cactus'. What is the difference between the movie 'Cactus' and 'Scarlet Innocence'?" then he replied "I didn't know anything when I filmed 'Cactus'."

"I starred in 'Cactus' right after 'Beat'. The movie was low-cost and I starred for no guarantee. I didn't have any thoughts of bed scenes at that time. The director was Christopher Doyle and I really wanted to work with him. 'Scarlet Innocence' should be more competitive so I focused on delivering emotions."

Also, he said "Internet" for the differences between 'Cactus' and 'Scarlet Innocence' and continued "There was no such thing to share live at that time." He seemed not to worry about his fans' reactions to the movie since he couldn't focus on the character if he worried what they thought.

"There should be some expectations or curiosities about bed scenes of the people in their early forties. In their twenties, the scenes are just for experiences. A romance between a young lady and middle-aged man or Jung Woo Sung gets naked in his forties."

Bed scenes and acting as a blind were the things that people mostly talk about after watching the movie. Shim Hak Gyu had to lean on Duk Ee and she should ignore his hardhearted actions. We gave a compliment to him by saying "The scene where you are getting blind was very impressive" then he said "My pupil acting?" and laughed.

"I paid careful attention to my pupil. In particular where Duk Ee reappeared with a new name Se Jung. That's when Hak Gyu was losing his sight, so everything was blurred. I had a concern if the audiences would believe that."

Years ago, once Jung Woo Sung said "I tend to get out of the characters that I acted." But, this time it seemed like he was still into Shim Hak Gyu's character. Was the character that strong?

"As much of that, I tried my best to understand the character this time. I tried to drag deep emotions from Hak Gyu. Duk Ee got to sleep with a man who didn't love her. It was all because of me. So, I thought I was distressed about the guilt."

From his words, we could feel his attachment towards this movie. We asked "How much are you satisfied with Shim Hak Gyu?" then he hesitated to answer for a moment.

"After you built a character, there should be little regret about it. However, this time, when I completed the character I considered all the balances from the movie, I could confidently say I left less mistakes than before." (photo by bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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