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[bnt Interview] BRAUtheBEST’s Jung Sang Hoon Talks About Business and The Value Of Sharing

[by Seo Hye Min] Even in a difficult environment, there was a boy who still dreamt of sharing. He wanted to create a society where the poor can study and succeed in life despite the lack of infrastructure; he’s now drawing a bigger ideal.  

Bntnews International met Jung Sang Hoon, representative of BRAUtheBEST in a studio in Sinsa-dong. Jung looked very nervous in his clean suit, but as we started to talk about his story, he was very natural and could relax.

BRAUtheBEST, the company he is managing, is a solid company that has a lot of subdivisions. It actually extended through various domains such as clothing, RND, lectures, Hallyu, and it is also a web agency.

“The name ‘BRAUtheBEST’ is composed of German and English words. ‘Brau’ means ‘to make, to produce’. ‘the BEST’ is a word that relates to the foundation you need to produce something. So ‘BRAUtheBEST’ does not mean ‘Make the Best’ but ‘Create the Best Foundations’.”

A company is meant to generate profits. But he entered the business world in order to fulfill his ultimate goal of sharing through activities including the production of the foundation he’s talking about.

“Making BRAUtheBEST a holding company let us improve our affiliate companies. When a subdivision grows and becomes a new holding company and starts developing its own affiliates, this is how you create business. The more the business grows, the more the company can help people in need and create opportunities. I believe that the people I help will also help someone in turn.”

He looks like someone who grew up in a wealthy family without encountering any difficulty, but Jung Sang Hoon’s youth was tough. Neither he nor his sister could study as the family couldn’t afford school fees: his mother suffered from a malignant tumor and the care cost a lot. For his older sister, he gave up university.

“I never went to any academy, nor attended any lecture. I had to do a lot of part-time jobs in order to gain enough money to afford school. But as my mother’s disease was recurrent, I wasn’t able to spend all my money on school expenses either. Besides, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to work and study at the same time.”

He quit school and decided to focus on work for a moment. He had made his mind: he would go back to school after developing a successful business. Motivated by his experience of being poor, he became blind to anything that would prevent him from achieving his goal. Bombarded with questions such as “What do I need to achieve” or “What do I have to do”, Jung suffered from depression for a long time.

“When you come to a point where you own everything you wanted to own and did everything you wanted to do, you wonder if this point is the end of your dream. That’s why my depression was so severe. I felt my heart in pain. It couldn’t be otherwise anyway, because I was living a meaningless life. ‘Why did I just focus on the future? My dream wasn’t to make money…’ I started to think about my situation more seriously, to consider my genuine dream.”

His real dream is sharing what he has with others. He wants to be an adult who can give hope to children who don’t have a foundation, but have passion. As the chief of BRAUtheBEST and the father of the employees, he says that his job is to build a sturdy fence where the employees can grow.

“A leader is a father. Getting compliments for my business, I direct that applause towards my employees and if there is criticism, it is right that I, as the father and owner, should be the one criticized.

However, there has been several times where he faced obstacles. For CEOs, every day is a war. When asked if he ever wanted to give up he said, “No matter how tired my father was, he told me to never forget these three things, ‘people, love, and mission.’

“Losing a person is very hard. People I trusted or those I shared good times with, or my employees who leave, it feels like that take a part of me with them. At times like that, I really wanted to give up. I thought whether it was right of me to continue with this company. Besides this, obstacles related to business I was able to overcome because I thought everyone must go through this.”

As the spearhead, he lead a healthy management, but the reason behind his growth and success is due to the consumers who trusted and love the company. We asked him how he communicates with his customers in clothing, cosmetics, and even entertainment companies.

“Honestly, I think that it is meaningless to advertise our products on show programs or TV commercials. BRAUtheBEST’s marketing strategy is to directly provide our customers with products and service and to hear what they think of our products. Our focus is to improve based on the conumers’ opinion. Our goal is to hear ‘it’s good’ as the first word that comes out of a buyer.”

BRAUtheBEST is planning on going overseas. The RND division, ‘Think Boys’ are currently researching Southeast Asia while the education and entertainment related team is looking into China and Japan.

Above all, the final goal that Jung Sang Hoon talks about is “parental love through the foundation.” The end of the interview was about the warm future he has planned out.

“I want to make a family for people who don’t have one. I want to make a town with children on the first five floors where they can live and play and have elderly on the top floor, creating a silver town. Orphans can study while spending quality time with an assigned grandmother or grandfather. That way children without parents can feel a family’s love and the preciousness of having a family. Similarly, the elderly can comfortably spend the rest of their lives with children and not feeling lonely.” (photo by bntnews DB, BRAUtheBEST homepage)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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