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[Interview] Shin Dong-jin Wants To Find Hidden Charm Of Patients

[by Lim Hyejin] Recently, the stem cell therapy is gaining more and more strength in the medical industry.

This is due to the charm of stem cells that can develop into any desired cell including fat cells, cartilage cells, bone cells, and muscle cells. Also, they can treat and recover the body quickly through inducement of regeneration of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory functions, and immunosuppressive responses. Therefore, they are actively being used for plastic surgery as well as treatment of incurable diseases and arthritis.

Then, a person introduced the breast augmentation and facial plastic surgery using stem cells to the South Korean cosmetic surgery area, which used to depend only on artificial prostheses, for the first time. That’s Shin Dong-jin, director of SC301 Plastic Surgery Hospital.

Director Shin has developed breast augmentation using stem cells since 2007, and is now Chairman of KSCA. I wondered why he has brought the concept of plastic surgery using stem cells to South Korea.

“The plastic surgery using stem cells is an upgraded version of the conventional fat transplantation. Although the conventional fat transplantation was also a good way of surgery, doctors had to inject an excessive amount of fat because of its low survival rate. Hence, there were many side effects such as edema and bruise, and I came to present the cosmetic surgery using stem cells in order to remove the side effects.

The autotransplantation of fat has been very popular as it filled the hollow parts of the face and augmented the breasts, with a relatively small number of side effects. Also, its another great merit was that it extracted unnecessary fat in the patient’s thighs or abdomen area to inject it into the parts needing it. However, there came an upgraded version of the therapy, which was the plastic surgery using stem cells.

“The cosmetic surgery using stem cells is briefly adding stem cells extracted from the patient’s body to the conventional fat transplantation. Here lies a great difference between the two, which is the survival rate of the transplanted fat. The addition of stem cells more than doubles the survival rate.”

“The survival rate refers to the rate of surviving parts of a tissue when the tissue is injected from a specific part into another desired part. The survival rate of the conventional fat transplantation is in statistics about 20-30%. However, that of the plastic surgery using stem cells is as high as 70% or higher.”

Actually, you can view the survival rate of the cosmetic surgeries using stem cells in the papers written by Director Shin himself. As mentioned above, Director Shin is not only performing surgeries but also conducting researches steadily.

“The same may go for all surgeries, but I never felt one hundred percent satisfied with my surgery when using stem cells. I always think the surgery is insufficient to some degree. However, I think a doctor should make efforts to increase the satisfaction up to 100%. Thus, I don’t stop my researches.”

Director Shin has done over 2,000 cosmetic surgeries using stem cells up until now. I wondered what he felt when he finished the first one and now after over 2,000 surgeries.

“At first, I was filled with the drive, because I was confident in doing it. However, as I have done a couple of thousand surgeries, I think a successful surgery is not everything. I came to consider the systems to be applied to patients before and after the surgery and many other things, so I kind of became humble, rather (laugh).”

Director Shin has made a continuous endeavor for a variety of beauty of women. What kind of beauty does he think of?

“Beauty is very subjective and personal. Therefore, I consider the standards of my patients rather than my own standards about the results of the surgeries. Of course, I have my own standards about universal beauty to some extent. I think I have to keep the balance between the two to maintain the beauty of my patients for a long time.”

Some time ago, Director Shin has been awarded a prize from the Minister of Health & Welfare at the Asia Lohas Food & Environment Invention EXPO for his cosmetic surgery using stem cells is an eco-friendly medical technology. He was selected as the winner for his contribution to the research and development of plastic surgery using stem cells.

“I want to develop the nature-friendly cosmetic surgery using stem cells, and let it be known not only in South Korea but also in foreign countries including China. I think a proper plastic surgery is to help the patient select a way to lead to fewer side effects and find a hidden charm of the patient.” (photo by bntnews DB)

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Write: 2014-10-24 12:53:48 / Update: 2014-10-24 14:00:52

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