Normcore Hairstyle And Makeup – ‘Ordinary Is The Hottest’

[by Shin Hyeonjeong] Normcore means common. The normcore fashion style is made of knitwear, pants, and shoes that anyone would have in their closet. The basic colors are black, gray, and beige.

Currently, paradoxically normcore is the hottest fashion trend. They say the style that does not follow the fashion is trendy. The fashion industry, which used to pursue something new and firmly set the area of high fashion, has now made ‘ordinariness’ itself a fashion keyword.

This trend also influenced the beauty industry. Hair and makeup also became more natural following the normal clothes.


Look at stars’ fashion styling, and you can understand the normcore keyword. Actresses Jun Ji-hyun, Shin Min Ah, and Kang So Ra, as well as models Kang Hyoni, Goo Jae Yi, etc. expressed a great hairstyle to match the normcore fashion.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun wore a black dress for a ‘rouge&lounge’ photocall event. Also, she gave up her trademark, long straight hair, to have her hair cut to a medium length, which is almost an extreme for her. She did not add a special styling on top of that.

Model Kang Hyoni matched a loose navy blouse and matte leather pants, made a ponytail with her hair. Her bangs were naturally hanging along her face for an effortless look. Model Goo Jae Yi also created a normcore style on the same day, with neat bobbed hair.

Actress Shin Min-a Ah tied only half of her hair for a production briefing event held in Gyeongju. She had her bangs parted to look more natural. In addition, actress Kang So Ra added a natural feeling to her hair by having her it curled only at the ends for the production briefing event of ‘Incomplete Life’.

▶ Makeup

The normcore makeup presents a moist look with the minimum color overall. Of course, the eyelines and a little shade are basically put on to give an impact to the face. Lips are completed to look lively with red color applied to the center of them.

At last, the key part is the skin. All of the above celebrities including Jun Ji Hyun, Kang Hyoni, and Goo Jae Yi put on only a thin layer of makeup base and foundation as if they only arranged the skin. They gave vitality to their skin to be clear as if the makeup was a part of their own skin.

Shin Min Ah used a cream blusher to emphasize her moist and glossy skin. But, she avoided putting too much makeup on.

What Are the It Items To Complete NormCore Fashion?

You need to go back to basics for a normcore hairstyle and makeup to look somewhat chill but still perfect. It means you must have healthy hair and skin.

In particular, clean skin is an essential element for that. You have to give up a normcore makeup if you have blackheads on a clean skin. Of course, dry skin is another spoiler of a perfect makeup.

Then, how about making your skin perfect with a nose pack and a facial sheet? The ‘Switch Patch Elephant 3-Step Nose Pack’ of Wellmade Cosmetics softly melts the sebum in your pores and blackheads. It is a functional product great to remove blackheads.

The ‘Aqua Ampoule Mask Sheet 2 Types’ of my Pu are highly-enriched facial sheets containing snail secretion filtrate and collagen from pigs, respectively. They make your skin full of moisture. Hyaluronic acid and various moisturizing substances are also added to help your skin to be moist and lively.

The two products above stand comparison to complete a makeup for the normcore fashion. (photo by Wellmade Cosmetics, bntnews DB)


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