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[bnt interview] Nam Sang Mi, Might Be A Not So Pretty First Love

[by Park Yoon Jin, translated by Sora Ghim, photo by Kim Chi Yoon] There is a standard image that pops up when you think of the word ‘first love.’ Long natural hair, doe-eyes, clear, white skin tone and pink lips is what usually comes up.; someone like the ‘nation’s first love’ Suzy.

In the movie ‘Slow Video,’ Nam Sang Mi plays the role of Soomi, a girl who looks like Cha Tae Hyun’s first love. However, the character Nam Sang Mi plays is one that is far different from one that causes envy among female viewers. With wild lion hair and no makeup, she is tough and mannish.

We met Nam Sang Mi in a café in Samchungdong to discuss her movie ‘Slow Video.’ She acted in drama ‘Gunman in Joseon’ as her first period work and now transforming into a woman in debt who dreams of becoming a musical star in ‘Slow Video.’

Words that sound like Nam Sang Mi

“Acquaintances and friends who have watched the movie tell me that ‘Soomi seems just like Nam Sang Mi’s real self’ and I hear that as the best compliment. When people think of me, they usually think of elegant and feminine because I usually did those types of works. However, close friends know the real me. They know what it means to be like ‘Nam Sang Mi.’ It felt like I was showing my real self.”

Then what are the similarities and differences between Nam Sang Mi and Bong Soomi? On this she replied, “if there is something similar, it would be that actions come first, and that she is passionate and tough. A difference is that I’m not close with loan sharks,” laughing loudly. She confesses, “Bong Soomi was the only character I was able to fully let myself go and act.”

On the question of how she got casted for the part she said, “I had no room to decline. I felt honored to work alongside Cha Tae Hyun and Oh Dal Soo and I wanted to find comfort in playing a bright character.”

Constantly mentioning, “It’s such a pleasure to work with Cha Tae Hyun,” what did Nam Sang Mi obtain from him? Looking at it, she would have gained a lot of confidence. “[Cha Tae Hyun] comes out wearing sunglasses about 80% of the running time. I thought it was amazing how he builds up the character to touch the audience. The inspiration I felt from filming is still fresh in my mind.”

Who would have thought messy hair would be so comfortable

She caught the attention of the public with her participation in the musical ‘Laundry’ OST. Her bright and vibrant voice was different than expected. As one who has anxiety pills at home due to her stage fright, she had to dance, sing, and act in front of people at Daehakro.

Nam Sang Mi stated, “When I received the scenario, it was only a few weeks before crank in. The dance and singing came second, I was more worried I wouldn’t be able to prepare in time to look like a professional. We shot it in a long take and it took a whole day. As busy as it was, I had no time to be embarrassed. In the end, a lot of parts were edited out but in addition to the hard training, the edited scene came out nicely.

This wasn’t the only challenge. Nam Sang Mi rocked a wild mane that captured attention. It was a striking transformation where she had to throw away beauty. Wouldn’t this be a big obstacle for her?

“Soomi has a lot of things to do, so she has no time to care for her appearance. This was the reason why the director insisted on this hairstyle. Just as he suggested, I said I would do it and went to the salon.”

We thought she would have screamed after seeing her transformation. It was inevitable that the audiences would be shocked after seeing her usual elegant image. Nam Sang Mi laughed, “Doesn’t it leave an impression?”

“Volume was well maintained and it was easy to tie it into a bun. During filming, I went around with this hairstyle. No one was able to recognize me.”

What is CCTV to me

In ‘Slow Video,’ the CCTV changed into a device that is used to spy on people. It has sentiment. However, in reality, it is uncomfortable to think that a stranger is watching your daily life. Losing freedom since becoming an actress, we wondered how she felt about having no privacy.

Nam Sang Mi said, “Before filming for the movie, I had no idea that this many CCTVs were installed. It records 24 hours and it is uncomforting to think that I am being recorded on something that is not related to me. I want to say that SNS is like an actor’s CCTV. So much gossip and information goes around in real time. However, I think that if I didn’t want the spotlight on me, I shouldn’t have chosen this job.”

We remembered a line from the movie, “I wonder how real people live. Before it’s too late, I should go outside.” Is there something Nam Sang Mi wants to do before it’s too late?

“Before it’s too late, shouldn’t I live as a woman? Of course I want to live as an actress as long as possible but living as an actress, I think I miss out on life as a woman.” (photo by bntnews DB)

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