[2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week] Real-Time Star Beauty Report Vol. 2 Pink Vs Red

[by Kim Heeyoung, photo by Kim Kangyoo, Kim Chiyoon] The makeup of celebrities attracts as much attention as the splendid shows giving a point to the trend of the current season. In particular, the most outstanding makeup at the 2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week was the ‘lips’ in ‘pink’ and ‘red.’

Pink, which is loved by every woman in every season, can express the most easy and feminine emotions. Red is effective in directing strong and sexy beauty.

We now focus on the lip makeup of female stars at Seoul Fashion Week and recommend the items for lip makeup that best match the fashion style of this fall and the upcoming winter.

LIP MAKEUP 1>> Lovely Color ‘Pink’

Pink lips can be easily matched with any clothes to make an adorable and bright look. Pink is often used when focusing more on the fashion style than on the face.

Model Kang Seung-hyun completed a pink lip makeup in a nude tone, thereby matching her eye makeup in gray and pink. Also, singer Lady Jane showed a fashion style with lips and nails in pink with a peach color added.

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba directed a makeup matching a pink sleeveless t-shirt with light pink lips and pink blusher. Actress Clara boasted an elegant and innocent charm with pink lips in a nude tone.

* Recommended Products A pink lipstick that adds moisture with enriched serum and creates firm lips with no wrinkle. ‘Ten Seconds High-Tox Lipstick 30 Classic Rose’ / A lipstick with plentiful color and soft texture. ‘MAC Lipstick Pink Pigeon’

LIP MAKEUP 2>> Strong ‘Red’

A red lip makeup that can make a chic and intense image is pretty when matched with black and white clothes or with glamorous patterns. It’s good for you to try to daringly change your image.

Singer Sunmi directed a feminine and clueless charm with zip up clothes with flower prints in red and white with matching red lips. Singer and actress Son Dam-bi completed a sexy and graceful image with a black see-through dress and red lips.

Jia from Miss A brightened her face with a tone-up base matching her white shirt and added red lips on top of that. Gyuri from Kara directed strong and voluminous lips in a red color with black clothes.

* Recommended Products A lipstick that can express a richer color by forming color very well and not agglomerating. The product keeps your lips moist with a sufficient amount of serum and enables you to put on a variety of lip makeup with one color. ‘Ten Seconds High-Tox Lipstick 21 Actress Red / A lipstick for those women who feel red is too much for their lips. It is offered in various red colors for a natural lip makeup. ‘Shu Uemura Sweet Red Collection Red Lipstick’
(photo by bntnews DB, Coreana, MAC, Shu Uemura)

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