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Child Atopy During Season Transitions? Refresh With ‘Moisture!’

[by Cho Ji Yoon] As season transitions approach, children who are expressing itchiness and dryness from atopy is increasing.
Child atopy can not be completely overcome even when they become adults so it is important to take care of it from a young age. As it’s not a skin disease but an immunity disease, it is important to grow immunity with healthy life styles for children who suffer from atopy.

The cause of child atopy, how to correctly wash their face and moisturizing tips will be introduced in details.

1. The cause of child Atopy

As an allergy skin disease caused by the reduction of immunity, infant atopy is increasing daily due to various environmental changes. Also, in the case of one or both parents suffering from atopy, it is bound to be inherited to their son.

The condition can also be influenced by seasons, temperatures, humidity, that will encourage atopy but it can also occur due to house dust, animal fur, synthetic fibers and others.

2. How to wash children with atopy

Atopy skin dermatitis symptoms disappear with special care and according to how you wash your child, so knowing the right washing method is necessary.

The washing method for atopy is to wash hands cleanly first then to start cleansing. Then, by using tender soap product and washing material, create sufficient foam and clean the face. Finally use cold water to relieve the skin.
When removing the water from the face, use a soft towel to clean it off in a tapping manner and arrange the skin texture by applying moisturizer before the water dries. Something to be cautious about is in the case of suffering from atopy skin dermititis, excessive washing products should not be used since the skin layers are disrupted so go for tender products.

3. Moisturizing Method For Children With Atopy

For children with atopy, there is a tendency for dryness and itchiness to become more severe during dry autumn. In such times, there is a need to focus on moisturizing so that the skin does not get too dry.
For moist skin, the adequate temperature for indoors is 20~40 degrees and 45~55% humidity should be maintained while applying atopy lotion, that has a moisturizing function, within 3 minutes after washing or showering in order to try to relieve sensitive skin.

>BEAUTY items for child atopy

1. Plagentra’s family intensive care bubble wash
Soft foams occur to minimize friction against tender skin and also protects sensitive skin from frequent washing due to dust and city pollution.  

2. Plagentra’s family intensive care cream
High moisturizing PGA refined from bean paste soup, which supplies moisture and nutrition to the skin while  Ginseng extracts protects skin of weakened immunity.

3. Plagentra’s family intensive care lotion
A fermented herb cosmetic product with fermentation that increases absorption without irritation and contains ingredients that are beneficial for health while both supplying nutrition and vitality to the skin.

4. CU-ZU’s plus gel
A product that allows a gentle and tender cleansing for sensitive and weak skin.

5.Lush’s dream wash- shower smoothie
Smoothie type body wash that cleans sensitive skin gently and helps skin relief to provide a break to the skin.(photo by capharm, bntnews DB)

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