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[bnt interview] Song Yun Ah Restarts Her Career As An Actress

[by Yoon Jin Park, translated by Sora Ghim] Throughout the interview, the most used word by Song Yun Ah was ‘thank you.’ She has returned to the small screen after 6 years away from the scene, while the distorted rumors and comments must have been a huge burden for her. However, her drama ‘Mama’ has been getting a favorable response and she can’t help but express her honor and relief except by expressing her thanks.

After the completion of her drama, she met with reporters for an interview. She said, “I didn’t think this drama would turn out to be so good.”

“I thought it would be nice if I had to opportunity to do a good work. That’s when ‘Mama’ came along. Even when I chose this project, I didn’t think it would be this good of a drama.”

While ‘Mama’ was receiving a favorable response from the public, Song Yun Ah portrayed the tearful story of dying and caring for her son every episode. That’s why amidst her quiet voice, the occasional high-pitched laugh seemed out of place. Even up to a few days ago, she was living the life of a terminally ill patient but now she looks a bit more free and relaxed.

“Many acquaintances and friends were concerned that I would get depressed and sent me many messages. There is no need to worry about that. On one hand though, I thought, ‘Have I not become a great actress yet.’”

Usually she enjoys it when she see positive articles about the drama shes in, but she couldn’t do that with ‘Mama.’ She needed to stay in character to play Han Seung Hee and wasn’t able to enjoy spending time with the staff.

Song Yun Ah explained, “It was hard to resist. I couldn’t do interviews while filming for the drama. It was the first. Han Seung Hee was really difficult.”

‘Mama’ was a drama that relied mostly on the actors. In the show, until the moment where she left the Earth, that balance was controlled 99% by Song Yun Ah and her fellow actors. Moon Jung Hee, Jung Jun Ho, and the other talented actor’s excellent performance were expected but among them, Song Yun Ah and her son Yoon Chan Young’s shining teamwork is what remains in our memories.

“If Jung Jun Ho didn’t play Moon Tae Joo and Seo Ji Eun wasn’t played by Moon Jung Hee, there would be no Han Seung Hee. I thanks Jung Jun Ho for playing the part of Tae Joo. There was a time I was nervous when Moon Jung Hee wasn’t on set. Everyone was the best partner.”

“It’s the same with Chan Young. One thing I was to compliment him on is that although he didn’t receive skilled training, he was able to absorb everything I expressed. With the already exhausting schedule and for a 4-year old boy, the set is a tiring place but he was able to skillfully work with me.

Although it may seem like a boring and standard response, Song Yun Ah’s answer to the warm response from the audience was ‘thank you.’ The meaning behind this word is genuine, then this is the only way to express it and its authenticity will be felt.

“I once said I was thankful for everything. But how can someone be thankful for everything? However, one day I wanted to be thankful for everything. There are scars and hurt but as I continue to live, I want to be thankful.”

After ending this drama, the most clear memory is the words of a viewer who said, “Thank you for letting me watch such a good drama.” “I have done many well-made dramas but this was the first time someone has said that. The emotions I felt were unfamiliar but touching.”

Song Yun Ah thought of a line that she said in the drama as Han Seung Hee. It was when she wanted to break free from the world. “In the world there is no one who has the right to comment and judge someone else’s life.” Song Yun Ah felt that the writer wrote this line for her.

The public remembers Song Yun Ah from her last drama ‘On Air’ which happened six years ago. In between that time, Song Yun Ah showed her face occasionally through her childcare and supporting her husband. Throughout her happiness and pain, Song Yun Ah’s time living as a mother has helped enrich Han Seung Hee’s character in ‘Mama.’ With this, Song Yun Ah restarts part two of her acting career. (photo by bntnews DB, Pan Entertainment, MBC)

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