[Beauty Analysis] ‘Birth of A Beauty’ Han Ye Seul’s Lipsticks

[by Park Jin Jin / Translated by Nawael Khelil] This year, again, one actress lead the beauty trends in term of lipsticks. It’s none other than Han Ye Seul, who has the main role in ‘Birth of A Beauty’. From the first episode, she captivated people’s eyes with her beauty and received a lot of praises.

Han Ye Seul’s make-up in this drama is all about a subtle chic. By giving a point on lips, her make-up artist Park Sun Mi creates natural make-up looks that enlighten her beautiful face. Park is the assistant director of A. by Boom, a beauty salon, and gives us tips on how to complete a perfect make-up look.

by make-up artist Park Sun Mi

# SCENE ‘the first appearance of Sara, the Belle of the Computer’
“In the drama, Han Ye Seul plays a beautiful girl specialized in computers. She is the kind of girl who, after risking her life on plastic surgery, grabs every guy’s attention with her features that are ‘beautiful enough to cause the downfall of a country’. On her first appearance, she needed to look a bit serious so I chose a subtle coral pink, Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupté in 33 ‘Rose Neillia’. Doesn’t her whole face look more beautiful? It’s really Han Ye Seul’s signature in the drama.”

# SCENE ‘Sara appears at a VIP Charity Party’
“More than a majestic extravaganza, it was a casual party so I went for a make-up that was really simple. As Ye Seul’s face is already chic and her features are clear, a thick look would look really excessive. I just boosted her lips’ natural color with a pink tint that matched the pink off-shoulder dress that she was wearing that day. I used Yves Saint Laurent’s Babydoll Kiss & Blush in 7 ‘Corail Affranchi’ and in 8 ‘Pink Hédoniste’, their U-shape applicator allows a matte finish. I also worked on the shades and the eyes for a very elegant look.

# SCENE ‘Sara’s dream of a revenge play with Han Tae Hee’
“This scene in which Joo Sang Wook goes to Ye Seul’s house and they display a comic acting collaboration required for a comfy look so I created this daily peach make-up. Her lips are usually dry, so I applied a balm first for a moisturized result, then I worked with Yves Saint Laurent’s Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres in 27 ‘Pêche Cerra-Colla’ in the middle of the lips and in 12 ‘Corail Fauve - Art Factory’ to blend and enhance the color. It’s one make-up look that anybody can do at home. Never forget to use a balm as a base during this kind of season.”

Sara’s Lipsticks

From left to right: Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupté in 33 ‘Rose Neillia’ is a light but rich creamy lipstick that contains all the know-how of the brand. Babydoll Kiss & Blush in 7 ‘Corail Affranchi’ is cashmere-like coral tint that is soft and light, silky and delicately glossy. In 8 ‘Pink Hédoniste’, the product contains a soft creamy formula that you can apply thinly for a modern and chic matte finish. The Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres in 27 ‘Pêche Cerra-Colla’ contains a liquid formula that’s light and not sticky to add more volume to the lips. Apply two layers of 12 ‘Corail Fauve - Art Factory’ for a delicate coral color, 3 layers for a clearer result. (photos are captures of ‘Birth of A Beauty)

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