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[bnt interview] 'Discover Love' Moon Jung Hyuk, We All Were Kang Tae Ha

[by Choi Song Hee, translated by Woorim Ahn, photo by Jang Moon Sun] We are all Kang Tae Ha.

Making a call when drunk and texting 'Are you sleeping?' at 2am to your ex-boy/girlfriends seem very familiar. We all have done such things after breakups.

After the drama 'Discover Love' ended, Moon Jung Hyuk had an interview with bnt and he said that he did the same thing in his past like the drama.

"There are many pitiful things about Kang Tae Ha. When Tae Ha got drunk, he fought with Nam Ha Jin or when Yeo Reum and Tae Ha broke up, he sent a text saying 'Are you sleeping?'. Did everyone do such things before? I've done the texting before."

Seo Jung Min of 'Firebird', Kang Tae Joo of 'Que Sera Sera' or whoever breaks up becomes pitiful. This is a real story of a relationship and a back side that many melodramas never depicted.

"The author kept that in her mind. Generally, a female leading role of a melodrama is pretty and the male is good-looking. It's like a formula. However, 'Discover Love' was different. In the teaser and poster, we showed a fight. That's what we wanted to show from the first time.

When I saw many people arguing about how Nam Ha Jin and Kang Tae Ha were, it was fun to watch. As I watched that, I could realize how I was into the character. It was a good experience for me."

The fights with Han Yeo Reum's ex-boyfriend Kang Tae Ha and current boyfriend Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon) kept going on in 'Discover Love'. The mass public focused on those three characters and talked about their faults. Moon Jung Hyuk stated, "Since I have both characteristics of Ha Jin and Tae Ha, it was interesting."

"Honestly, the three characters were all bad. If one did good and the others did bad, it wouldn't be fair. Although the audience kept talking negatively about those three characters, the characters reflected reality and made the audience understand."

'Discover Love' is an 'able to get in a good relationship' drama. We all were Kang Tae Ha, Nam Ha Jin and Han Yeo Reum. After filming the drama, Moon Jung Hyuk said, "I could recognize what the other thought at that time" and as he was into the work, he felt a bit regretful feeling about it.

"After finishing 'Que Sera Sera', I couldn't get back to reality for a while. I thought this time would be different, but it was the same."

Since it has been three years since Moon Jung Hyuk came back to the small screen, there should be few differences in his acting.

He confessed, "I was nervous at first. I really wanted to appeal different sides of me other than what I showed previously on 'Fire Bird' or 'New Employee'."

"I thought there should be expectations from the director or production company. I don't think casting is not based on potentials, it's based on experiences. I've done similar roles as 'Fire Bird' and 'New Employee' and that's the best I can do."

Kang Tae Ha was the same case. Sometimes Tae Ha delivered buttery messages like Seo Jung Min of 'Firebird' and he sometimes acted annoying like Kang Ho of 'New Employee'. With those various sides, Moon Jung Hyuk has built his own character.

So, we asked a question to him "Which character is more like you? Seo Jung Min of 'Firebird' or Kang Tae Ha of 'Discover Love'?"

He answered, "When I was filming 'Firebird', it was very hard at first. I didn't know anything about acting but had to do it anyhow."

Because of his experience, he didn't have any troubles in filming 'Discover Love'.
"Yu Mi asked about the difficult lines of the script. However, I could just do it. The past experiences were never time consuming."

As Moon Jung Hyuk belongs to singing group Shinhwa, we asked about the group's reactions to his acting.

At that time, Seo Jung Min was said to be the 'Best man'. If the Shinhwa members didn't tease Moon Jung Hyuk with the role, Seo Jung Min could be remembered as the best man. "Did the members tease you this time as well?" He replied, "No, they just said the drama was interesting. I don't think they actually watched it."

Just like how Kang Tae Ha and Han Yeo Reum talked about destiny, the drama 'Discover Love' was a piece of fate. Like the destiny between the author Jung Hyun Jung and Jung Yu Mi with the drama 'I Need Romance 2012', Moon Jung Hyuk and Jung Yu Mi met once again after the drama 'Que Sera Sera'.

About Jung Yu Mi, he said, "She is very cheerful. Whenever I work with her, I talk more. We never discuss the directions of the scenes. We just tell each other to follow the directions. Since she was comfortable to work with, it was very helpful."

Moon Jung Hyuk said there was no change with Jung Yu Mi even after 7 years. However, he said, "It felt like she became a grown baby from a new born. It is not about her acting, but her innocence."

"I have more experience than Yu Mi in this area. I work systemically. However, when she was given something, it felt like she is a mirror. When cameras were not shooting her, she did her best in acting. So, she was very helpful."

'Discover Love' is a work lingering around for a while for the audience and Moon Jung Hyuk. For him, it widened his acting spectrum and for the audience, it helped discover an 'actor' Moon Jung Hyuk.

"I don't still know if I did well but I tried my best. Until now, I've always lacked something, but this time everyone helped me in various ways to create the best outputs." (photo by bntnews DB)

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