The Eyebrow Theatrics Of Stars That Make You Prettier When Followed

[by Ku Hye Jin] When the faces of stars that automatically provoke exclamations are looked at in detail, there is a coherent trait.
The commonality is eyebrow colors and shapes that change according to different styles. According to the day’s clothing or hairstyle, changes are given to the color or the shape of the eyebrow which displays different atmospheres.
Let’s check the make-up styles of popular models and singers and learn their eyebrow skills.

Model Make-up

With an oriental face, top model Jang Yoon Joo, Kang Seung Hyun, and Han Hye Jin displayed semi-smoky make-up.

If you have a single eyelid like them, it is good to draw the eyeliner a little thick. If you draw it to the extent that the eye liner is visible when you open your eyes, the eyeliner would be conspicuous and would be displayed more clearly.

If you apply a semi-smoky make-up that emphasizes the eyes, it is good to make the eyebrows as natural as you can. After drawing the outline of the eyebrows with a natural brown colored pencil, these models use an eyebrow mascara the same color as their hair to complete a more natural eyebrow texture.

If you are a woman with a round face like Jang Yoon Joo, it is good to draw the eyebrows thickly. If the eyebrows are drawn to thinly, the face may seem more round. Also, the tail of the eyebrows must be drawn higher than the hairs of the eyebrows for a more natural image.

Singer Make-up

Singer Soyu, Tiffany and Uhm Jung Hwa who have light brown hair, also matched their eyebrow color with their hair color. If the colored hair and eyebrow color does not match, the eyebrows may appear to float.

In such cases, use eyebrow mascara that has the function of eyebrow arrangement and coloring effect to neatly comb the eyebrows. If you have a red or orange color hair, select red-brown eyebrow mascara and for black or brown hair select brown eyebrow mascara.

When using mascara, controlling the amount of the liquid is important. Therefore, after applying some on, it is good to distribute the amount of liquid around the entrance of the mascara. Afterwards, erect the brush to evenly apply it while moving it up and downwards on the eyebrows. It is easier to think that you are dressing the mascara liquid on the eyebrow hairs naturally rather than on the skin. If you have thin hair, before the eyebrow mascara, draw the eyebrows with the eyebrow kit and then use the mascara.

Editor’s Recommended Item

Composed of 2 colors, it is able to be mixed according to the hair color. Without any powder scattering, it adheres to the skin in a soft and creamy way. Beginners can also easily draw with it in a natural way and complete a refined eyebrow.
3 CONCEPT EYES EYEBROW SHAPER It is able to express a natural and detailed eyebrow gently and without any lumping. As a powdery type product, it does not easily smear from oil and has strong persistency.

3 CONCEPT EYES EYEBROW MASCARA #red brown #gold #brown It is a mascara exclusive for the eyebrows that arranges them while simultaneously showing a coloring effect that matches the hair color. You can display a natural eyebrow that is not artificial. (photo by Stylenanda, bntnews DB)


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