Gold Stylist Of 2015 Seoul Fashion Week

[by Kim Boram] The excitement for the SS15 Seoul Fashion Week that successfully ended on October 22 hasn’t cooled down yet. The fashion people who foresee the upcoming trends as the year comes to an end are still under the spotlight.

The keyword that aroused heat from the ‘fashion week’ was ‘Gold.’ Generally, if you only thought of it as a shining yellow with golden gleams, it is a very narrow-minded perspective. The density of the gleam, difference of the brightness, the amount of light reflection, the small change of the yellow color, and others are sufficient for arrangement.

Let’s look at models on the runway, celebrities’ photo-walls and backstage in order to find diverse variations using the special features of gold itself.

Gold Stylist STEP 1
Fancy And Polished ‘Champagne Gold’

Giving off a mysterious and light liveliness similar to silver, the feast of ‘Champagne Gold’ stands for harmony between uniqueness and femininity.

On the shocking hair colors of models who boast of a perfect body ratio on the runway, on the eye make-up of celebrities who come to the show and on accessories like clutches, the tendency for the charm of gold to receive the spotlight is notable.

The charm of Champagne Gold does not stop here. Champagne gold, applied on the end of your ten fingers, would become a simple and easy way to raise your modern and luxurious femininity to 100%

Gold Stylist STEP 2
Delicate and Alluring ‘Yellow Gold’

Provoking the imagination of gold, the vivid color of ‘yellow gold’ is born from the balance of detailed density and pearly mood.

Shining gold is very popular as it expresses the fanciness of the color yellow and intensifies eye make-up with its high pigmentation. The reason behind the fantasy of gold hair is its charm that maximizes mystique beauty. The beauty match of such yellow gold reminds us of femme fatale Cleopatra.

The enchantment that gold expresses on nails is able to be upgraded to an art. Words and gestures are methods to disclose the thoughts and inner side of humans. If you want to apply deeper elegance into gestures that use hand movement, it is now your turn to choose yellow gold.

Gold Stylist STEP 3
Strong And Mature ‘Brown Gold’

If you got used the brown shades of autumn and it no longer appeals to you, endow some bright sparkles. Out of the gold colors, the number one color style that provides a mood of high sensitivity is ‘brown gold.’

As a hair color, brown gold is charming and attractive. Its charm develops as you fix your hairstyle to a straight or wavy look. This also applies to eye make-up. Rather than a combination of vivid colors, the skyrocketing demand for brown gold, which would satisfy the hearts of women who wants to sparkle amongst the trend of gradation make-up, stands out.

How is gold brown like on the nails? There’s obviously no other color that stayed as hot for so long. This is because as a gradation with smoky colors that boasts of a deep and silent mature beauty, it holds coloring power that is not monotonous even if it is matched with only one color and shows off fanciness with its inherent light - to be the optimal flexible item. (photo by bandinails, bntnews DB)


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