Stars’ It Items For Style Icon Awards (SIA)

[by Beauty Team] Style Icon Awards 2014, where you could meet the most fashionistas in South Korea, ended in great success. It was a festival that heated up Dongdaemun following the Seoul Fashion Week, which was enjoyed by both stars and the public.

Model Jang Yoon Joo and singer Jung Joon Young emceed the event, and WINNER hit the first stage. Entertainers who were most popular in the year 2014, including G.O.D, Jo In Sung, Park Hae Jin, Girls’ Generation-TTS, Gong Hyo Jin, and Kim Hee Ae, graced the occasion.

On the red carpet, fancy styles of celebrities, one of the attractions of an awards ceremony, stood out all the more. As it was a ‘style awards ceremony’, we could learn tips for make-up that will be hot this autumn and the upcoming winter.

Model Kang Hyoni appeared in a ‘mannish’ suit. She completed a sophisticated style with a necklace. Her semi-smoky make-up and lips in nude tone, which were not extreme, flattered her white skin.

Go Ara attracted the attention with a white dress that brought her small face and tall body into relief. The dress matched her naturally tied hair and tone-downed make-up to emphasize her innocent and sexy looks.

Clara looked even sexier though her dress exposed less skin than her usual clothes. She looked perfect in her sparkling blue dress with her hair up.

Choi Yeo Jin decorated the red carpet with her bold and dignified walking in a bare back dress. She applied a coral lipstick on her full lips to brighten her skin tone.

Han Groo, who was selected as a 'new icon' at the SIA, matched a graceful dress, a pair of black shoes, and a clutch bag in a similar color. She created a look perfect for a new icon with deep eyes, coral lips, a ring, and a bracelet.

Choi Hee, who entered the event with Choi Woo Sik, did not forget to show her sexy back with a see-through dress. The point in her make-up, as she appeared with her long wavy hair on one shoulder, was also coral lips.

Hyuna with her unique sexy beauty showed a rather neat look. She completed her style in a black suit matching with the members of her group, 4minute. Her red lips, in contrast with her long black wavy hair, reminded of her solo song ‘Red.’

The members of Girls' Generation-TTS were praised as the best girl group sub-unit with styles that seem to be similar but show the individuality of each member.

Especially, Seo Hyun looked more mature in a splendid dress with patterns to boast as much stylish charm as the other members.

Stars could shine at the SIA thanks to their moist make-up. As the event was a party held at Dongdaemun, glowy make-up caught the eye more than ever.

In particular, the base make-up is important to express skin like a china-like skin. Mix the 'Comelyco JEJU Organic Aloe 95% Soothing Gel' with your base product to show a softer skin.

Complete your skincare for a moist and smooth party make-up by mixing the 'Comelyco Aloe Soothing Gel' containing 95% of aloe vera extracts grown in Jeju, which is a clean area, and make-up base on the ratio of 1 to 2. (photo by FIVE BACK, Comelyco)


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