Following The Stage Make-up Of Idols

[by Im Hye Jin] Everyone has had the experience of not being able to take their eyes off of shining idol stars on stage.

Their make-up also causes a lot of admiration and envy because it is done so differently from the normal daily make-up routine. This is due to the fact that it has to withstand and be fierce against the elaborate lights on stage.

However, people still wish to try. The stage make-up that idol stars have on may be appropriate for holiday parties so let’s try learning about their routine.

Step.1 Skin Make-up

In order to do an elaborate make-up, it is important to have a smooth and flawless skin. In order to portray a clean complexion, after the basic care routine it is good to use a pore primer before the foundation stage to smooth out the skin surface.

Next, mix foundation and essence by a 7:3 ratio and apply mainly to the forehead and cheeks using a sponge, brush, puff, or the fingers. The remainder of the mixture should be applied onto the nose and chin by lightly dabbing with the fingers.

After completing a smooth texture, lightly apply a solid-type highlighter to the face using a brush. If you wish to make your face appear more three-dimensional, use a stick-type highlighter to lightly touch upon the areas such as the forehead, nose, chin, philtrum and under the eyes to create a glamorous look.

Step.2 Eye Make-up

In the case of eye make-up, various looks can be portrayed depending on how the eye line is drawn. If you wish to create a sexy look, it is best to draw a triangular tip going upwards. If you wish to create a cute look, the line should be drawn downwards.

Before going into the official steps for the eye make-up, it is important to apply an eye primer so that no creasing will occur later on in the make-up stages. The next step is to apply a base shadow on the eyelid and apply black eyeliner by filling the spaces between the eyelashes while holding up the upper eyelid slightly with your hands. The make-up becomes more natural with an eye shadow of a darker shade to create a gradation effect.

If long and full lashes are added to this, the eyes will become more defined and enlarged. Why not try using fake lashes rather than mascara for a chance? After choosing the shape you desire, cut the lashes to fit the length or size of your eyes.

After this, using tweezers place the fake lashes as close as you can to your real lashes. It is important that you first apply lashes on the center, on the external part and then on the internal part of your eyes. If you wish to create a more natural look, it is good to cut the lashes into smaller parts and applying them on little by little several times. The finishing touch will be to apply mascara from the roots of your lashes to their end as if you are brushing them down. You can create a more dramatic effect by putting fake lashes on your under eye line as well.  

Step3. Lip Make-up

How about trying out red lips, this winter’s trending lip make-up.? After you have provided enough moisture to your lip, tone down its color by using a concealer. Next, it is important to define the lip line before applying a color.

When applying on a vibrant or fierce lip color, a blurry lip line may give a messy impression. When drawing the lip line it is recommended that you either use a lip liner or a lip product that is made in an angular shape.

>>>> LIST Of Items For The Glamorous Makeup Of Idol Stars

01 GIORGIO ARMANI Lip maestro velvet matt finish locker
This lip product is known for its great appliance and defined color. The lip can be expressed in a matte texture because the product finishes with a velvety touch as soon as it is applied.

This product allows for a very natural look because the color is very similar to the color of human hair. The lashes are manufactured so that they become thinner as they near the end allowing it to be effective in making your eyes appear larger. Various looks can be expressed as there are 12 different shapes.

TONYMOLY BCDation all master SPF30 PA++
This product can be used by all skin types and is a natural skin-toned base coverage product. The unique texture adds volume to the skin. The ampoule capsules that are included are composed of nourishing serum base and shea butter, allowing the skin to have a pearly look while being moisturized.

04 TONYMOLY face mix flash primer SPF30 PA++
This product is a primer that is used before the BB Cream or CC Cream stage to enhance longer-lasting effects of the make-up applied after. The fine pearls allow for the smooth appliance of the product and portray radiant skin. The product also naturally covers pores and blemishes. (photo by: TONYMOLY, ARITAUM, GIORGIO ARMANI, bntNews DB)


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