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“Learn Advanced Medical Technologies” Participants In World Congress Of Internal Medicine 2014 Visit JK Plastic Surgery Center

[by Song Eunji] Participants in the World Congress of Internal Medicine (WCIM) 2014 visited JK Plastic Surgery Center for a medical tour to view the advanced medical technologies of South Korea.

The International Society of Internal Medicine, founded in Basel, Switzerland in 1948, is composed of societies related to internal medicine in over 60 countries worldwide. The Society is holding academic conferences in its members’ countries for enhancement of international academic exchanges and friendship between internal medicine specialists and promotion of unity of scientific knowledge and internal medicine.

The WCIM is considered one in a handful of the largest and academically authoritative symposiums, in which internal medicine specialists and health professionals across the world participate.

Over six thousand people from 70 countries took part in the WCIM 2014, held at the Convention and Exhibition Center (COEX) in Seoul, South Korea, from October 24 to October 28. During the event, a total of nine training sessions and education for internal medicine specialists were held; public information halls were run and tours to excellent medical institutions were conducted.

In particular, the Medi-tour, in which medical staffs of a variety of nationalities such as Poland, Indonesia, and Philippines were engaged, received great responses. The Medi-tour is assessed as an opportunity to visit in person the Gangnam Medical Tour Center and the hospitals selected as superior medical institutions, as well as to look around their outstanding medical facilities.

The medical teams, who attended the Medi-tour at the WCIM 2014, went to JK Plastic Surgery Center to look at the developed medical technologies of South Korea. JK Plastic Surgery Center has been showing up at different events besides the WCIM 2014 to let South Korean medicine be known to a greater world. The hospital provides training, medical tours, and a chance to observe a surgery to high-ranking government officials and medical teams from many countries, including China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), other countries in the Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the U.S., and Japan.

Also, it is known as a representative hospital to introduce the leading medical services in South Korea by appearing in the overseas press often. A number of foreign media such as NOW TV from Hong Kong, Hanoi TV from Vietnam, NTV from Japan, ABC TV Network from the U.S., and AFC from France have covered the hospital.

JK Plastic Surgery Center could be selected by overseas media from among numerous South Korean hospitals thanks to its notable medical practices that lured invitations from academic conferences at home and abroad. Its medical team made of 12 specialists continues to research the latest techniques for its patients from all over the world. Therefore, even doctors in foreign countries ask the hospital to provide medical training on its progressive art of medicine.

On top of that, the hospital increases the value of its brand through dignified medical services focusing on patients. It offers various customized services with the motto of customer-oriented, transparent, right-path management.

Its patients are very satisfied with its services including a limousine service, tailored care after surgery, and personal coordinator systems. As a result, in 2012, the hospital acquired the first Consumer Centered Management (CCM) certification, leading the consumer centered management activities for the first time in the health care industry. In additon the hospital received the CCM certification again from the Fair Trade Commission this year.

In addition, JK Plastic Surgery Center has different systems, which exceed the equipments of general clinics, in order to protect the safety of its patients to a greater degree. It has built a ‘perfect safety system’ comprising an integrated operating room, a day surgery center, an intensive care unit, and aseptic management systems including air showers and vacuum mats.

Moreover, the hospital provides the best medical services in South Korea via an organized cooperation system between 12 doctors specializing in plastic surgery and anesthesiology.

Hence, it acquired a reputation that it is one of the top plastic surgery hospitals with safety devices in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea. Thanks to this cutting-edge system covering from testing before surgery to surgery and recovery after surgery, there has been not a single medical accident for 17 years after its foundation.

In addition, JK Plastic Surgery Center is recognized by foreigners by receiving the certification of ‘No. 001 medical institution treating foreign patients’ from the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2009 and has made an amazing development thanks to word of mouth among customers. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Center)

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