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Removing Wrinkles Makes You Beautiful!

[by Im Hye Jin] What are the similarities between Tablo of Epik High and Haha of Running Man?

They are both fathers. Another similarity is that they both look very young. Tablo was born in 1980 and is currently 35 years old. Haha was born in 1979 and is one year older than Tablo. However, by just looking at them you may think that they are in their early thirties or even in their late twenties.

They have to manage a busy schedule respectively as a singer and as an entertainer. In spite of all this they are still maintaining a youthful face. It is true that their firm and moisturized skin adds to their young complexion. What are some tips to achieve youthful skin?

tip 1 | Water

Everyone has heard that if you wish for your skin to become better, you should drink water. It is hard to have good skin while drinking small amounts of water. It is said that it normally takes at least 1.5L of water everyday for your skin to feel moisturized.

However daily obstacles, such as your job and housework, sometimes makes you forget to drink water. At times like this, how about using an alarm? Set an alarm for every hour reminding you to drink water.

Drink a full glass of water every time the alarm rings. With a simple cup you can now take in the amount of water that your body requires. At first you may visit the restroom often because your body may not be used to the amount of water intake.

However, as the body gets used to the water intake, the frequency of visits to the restroom will decrease and the water will naturally flow throughout the body to moisturize the skin. In addition, with a frequent intake of water, there is no need to eat snacks because you are already full from the water, helping weight loss.

tip 2 | Honey

Honey has been known to be an ingredient that has aesthetic benefits from the past. The sugar from the honey has exfoliating effects and creates a protective layer for the skin while the amino acids cause the skin to become firmer. Honey can be used for other effects such as sterilization as well.

Maybe this is why honey can be used for various purposes. One way to utilize honey is to mix it with your cleanser. This way, the cleanser can be applied more smoothly on to the skin and contains the moisture that usually disappears while cleansing. This is a method that celebrities actually use as well.

The second tip is to make a natural face pack with honey. The method is simple. Add milk power, flour, or turmeric power to honey and mix. It is also good to add a little bit of water for the right degree of liquidity. At this point, if lemon extract is added, the mixture is good for acne scars.

Adding Houttuynia cordata powder or Glycyrrhiza uralensis powder is effective in treating just-formed acne. Honey can be applied to all skin types so even people who are not able to use natural facial packs can try the honey pack.

tip 3 | Care

It is true that your skin can become a lot better by drinking more water and using honey. However, it is impossible for the skin to become flawless with just these two methods. It is obvious that there are additional steps that you need to take. Tablo once stated that it is not possible to get drastic results by simply drinking water.

The simplest treatment is to visit a Dermatology clinic. Under the treatment and care of a dermatologist, there is no doubt that your skin will become better. However, there are many that do not have the time or the money to go to a Dermatology clinic.

If this is the case, wrinkle care products that reduce wrinkles and nourish the skin are recommended. You are not going to see drastic results after the first usage but the results slowly appear if you apply the product thoroughly onto the skin everyday.

Wrinkle care products, however, are typically highly nourishing. Therefore it is important to let the skin fully absorb the product before applying on any makeup over it. If this step is not carefully done, your makeup will either melt down or scrub off like dead skin cells.

01 esthēPURE wrinkle care programing 肉毒杆菌 02 esthēPURE total solution cream 还幼膏

The esthēpure total solution cream 还幼膏 is an essential cream that provides moisture and flexibility for dry skin and allows the skin to become healthy and firm. The components that the product contains such as peptide, which is similar to snake venom, and filtrated snail mucus allow the skin to become softer. As a nourishing cream made of extracts of various medicinal herbs, the product is able to protect the skin. If you apply a thick layer of the product before going to sleep, it may also act as a sleeping pack.

Esthēpure wrinkle care programing 肉毒杆菌 is a product that has been acknowledged by the Korean Food and Drugs Administration and is highly effective for wrinkle treatment. The EGF component in the product is also effective in anti-aging because it promotes cell regeneration. The product is also effective in treating acne scars and can be used on the forehead, around the eyes, neck, and other areas of the face where wrinkles are formed. The product allows for blood circulation once it is applied and contains extracts of plant cells. (photo by: esthēpure, bntNews DB)

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