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No More Flat Lines, Stem Cell Breast Surgery

[by Lim Hye Jin] Korea is enthusiastic about the line.

The line starts from a body’s S-line. Now, lines mean the detail curves of a calf line, an arm line, a waist line and a hip line.

This can be seen as the periodical change. Back in the past, beautiful body shape referred to a person’s weight however now it is more focused in having a nice figure.

This applies to the face. Before,  well-defined features of the face was the beauty standard, now it has changed to making the face line. There is much effort in emphasizing face lines such as a voluminous forehead, a reasonable straight nose line and a jaw line.

In the case of the face, if you are not satisfied with the features or the lines, you can overcome this with a simple method. You can change your nose, eye shape and jaw lines with various makeup products.

However, the body shape cannot be changed at once. It is because after a long time of being on a diet, stretching, and yoga will change the body shape. In particular, it is hard to get good results with volume.

Therefore, people’s interests and efforts towards having a beautiful body line and volume are very enthusiastic. There is a popular process towards this. It is called the ‘Stem Cell Breast Surgery’.

Stem Cell Breast Surgery is the next stage of the most generalized fat grafting surgery using tissue engineering. Fat grafting extracts fat from the body and injects into the needed areas. Before, the volume problems were solved by putting in artificial implants but it is losing popularity due to the side-effects.

Fat grafting was popular because it uses one’s fat which made it look natural and reduced side-effects. However, the problem was that the volume didn’t last long and the volume was too small. On this, a new surgery process called Stem Cell Breast Surgery was introduced.

Stem Cell Breast Surgery extracts fat from the parts of one’s body with surplus fat such as the thighs or hips. After, stem cells get separated from the centrifuged fat and remixed with the fat to inject into needed areas.

Extracting surplus fat helps to have a better body shape and it also helps the parts of the body with less volume by adding fat. Also, adding stem cells makes the breasts bigger and makes it last longer.

Dr. Shin Dong Jin of SC301 Plastic Surgery said, “Stem Cell Breast Surgery is much more natural than autologous breast surgery because it implants one’s own fat.” He added, “It can be referred to a balloon as the breast gets bigger keeping the original shape.”

Also, Dr. Shin said, “The engraftment rate of autologous breast surgery is only about 20~30% so there have been cases where the volume goes back to what it looked like before the surgery.” He added, “The engraftment rate of Stem Cell Breast Surgery goes up to 70% so you will be satisfied after one surgery.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Shin Dong Jin is the person who introduced the breast and face surgery process using stem cell in the cosmetic surgery industry that mostly depended on artificial implants.

Since 2007, he developed Stem Cell Breast Surgery and he is the president of Korea Stem Cell Plastic Surgeon Association.

Dr. Shin conducted stem cell surgery more than 2000 times and recently, he has been awarded the Minister Prize in the eco-friendly medical field by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in ASIA LOHAS Food and Environment Expo. (Photo by: SC301, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2014-11-07 15:56:29 / Update: 2014-11-07 16:59:00

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