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What Is The Secret Of The Perfect Face With The Golden Ratio and 3-Dimentional Effect?

[By Song Eun Ji] Lee Ji Yoon, a 20 year old freshman, was very busy this year. She had to get used to the unfamiliar campus and be a member of a club while getting used to professors and colleagues. Ji Yoon expects to receive a scholarship because she got pretty high grade both in the first and second semester. However Ji Yoon has one concern.

The plastic surgery she received straight after high school didn’t come out as good as her scores. She was seduced by her friend’s story as they received a plastic surgery at a cheap price at a hospital near her house. She got her eyes and nose done but what she ended up with was mismatched eye lines and nose.

Ji Yoon is planning to get the eyes and nose surgery done again during the upcoming holiday. Ji Yoon says “I don’t want to fail again”. What are the different kinds of options to grant Ji Yoon’s wish?

People interested in appearances will have thought of getting a plastic surgery. It is because they want to have big eyes and high nose like the celebrities on TV.

However, because the eyes and the nose are the first parts that attract people’s eyes, there may be a huge image difference according to the plastic surgery result. If the eyes and the nose surgery are done separately, the face ratio may become unbalanced and it can look unnatural. In order to have a satisfying result, you need to look at various facts such as the doctors’ skills and techniques rather than the price.

If you are not satisfied with the surgery result like Ji Yoon, you will have to do the surgery again which will balance out the face. Double eyelid lines should be corrected and turned-up and blunt end snubbed nose should be changed to a nose with a natural curve line.


At this stage, the eyes and the T-line ratio balance should be considered to match the face ratio rather than doing the eyes and the nose separately. If the forehead is flat, PRP fat grafting will turn the face into an ideal face.

There are many types of plastic surgery that people choose to improve their looks. Above all, ‘T Zone 3D Plastic Surgery’ will improve the look of the face. ‘T Zone 3D Plastic Surgery’ combines three types of surgeries at once: double eyelid, nose and fat grafting. It considers the face ratio and the balance.

Since T Zone 3D Plastic Surgery combines three different surgeries, double eyelids, nose and fat grafting to define the facial bone’s contour, it is considered to be an overall surgery that allows to overcome the complex.

Dr. Oh Dong Suk, Director of Star Plastic Surgery Clinic explained, “Bagel Fat Grafting adds platelet-rich plasma, which facilitates skin reproduction, alleviates the pain to the collected fat cells. PRP fat cell promises a high rate of fat cell engraftment and a fast recovery. The surgery makes 3D face line, younger face and a much softer impression.”

Dr. Oh advised, “T Zone 3D Plastic Surgery is the perfect plastic surgery process which allows people to have voluminous and 3-dimentional face according to the golden ratio. Through T Zone 3D Plastic Surgery, face contour line problems like cheekbones and square jaws can be solved. It will also make the face much smaller and look younger. If you are considering getting the eyes and the nose surgery at the same time or wanting to have a natural and 3-dimentional face, this is one of the suitable plastic surgery methods.” (Photo by: Start Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt News DB)

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