The Second Most Beautiful Women In The World and Her Source Of Beauty

[by Shin Hyun Jung] The title of the second most beautiful woman in the world has been given to Clara, an entertainer in Korea.

America’s fashion magazine ‘MODE’ announced the ‘The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2014’ on October 28, 2014 and chose Clara as second place. She even had the honor to be on the cover page of the magazine. She was seen to possess a bright image as an all-rounded entertainer and stated as a woman that can be loved not only in Asia but also all over the world.

Nana of After School has received attention as well. Nana had ranked second in ‘The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013’ that the American movie site TC Candler had released a year earlier. The public had cheered at the fact that Nana had distinct facial features and a body that was loved throughout the world.

It is true that the standards for ranking are all different and the title was not earned from an officially approved contest but the fact that Korean celebrities are popular even in the U.S. is pretty significant. Clara and Nana are already becoming wannabe icons in Korea. What is the source of their beauty?

Body Care Methods

Clara is known for her baseball game's first ball throw but the opportunity for that throw came from Clara’s constant efforts. Clara’s ‘one shot’ was the result of her constant efforts for self-improvement.

Clara never stays still. Using various methods such as weight training and ballet yoga she maintains and takes care of her body. Photos of her lifting a bar bell in a dead lift position, known to be effective in burning upper and lower body fats, and demonstration videos of her creating a curved body through flexible ballet yoga movements prove Clara’s efforts.

In addition, Clara is different from those who simply exercise because she has made ‘self-control’ a part of her daily life. She states that she has mirrors placed around her house so that she can always see herself in an objective view. She always pays attention to the changes in her body. She also carries a scale with her but unlike ordinary scales, she carries one around that can also detect body fat.

On the other hand, Nana is rising as a star while portraying her bright character in the SBS reality program ‘Roommate’. She possesses a slim and long model body. This is also a result of her efforts. Just like Clara, Nana also has made it a daily habit to take care of her body. She explains that model walking has been her habit.

Nana is known to do 100 squats everyday despite her busy schedule and how tiresome she feels before she goes to bed. The squat is a basic lower body exercise that requires a constant repetitive act of sitting until your thighs and knees become parallel with each other and standing up. This exercise allows her legs to gain muscle strength and become toned well. She is used to enduring the pain.

Skin Care Secret

Clara and Nana spend as much time as they do on their body on their skin as well.

Clara makes sure she moisturizes her skin well. Everything starts from the basics. She emphasized that skincare should be applied right after you shower, before the moisture goes away. In the morning, she limits the amount of products used by using only skin toner, moisturizing gel and a little bit of oil.

The essential key word here is oil. Using face oil, she rubs down the chin lining and lightly dabs the oil under her eyes to keep them from drying. In addition, she makes sure to apply sun block products and uses whitening products to lighten up her face.

Nana’s beauty secret lies in the skin care routine she does before going to sleep. She also makes sure her face is moisturized. In the first step of her skin care, she sprays mist to her entire face to fill moisture deep into her skin. She finishes her night skin care by applying a lip balm.

Clara and Nana’s Beauty Item

01 Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil
This smooth and non-sticky oil nourishes the skin. This provides radiance especially to dry skin or skin that lacks moisture. Skin massages using face oil doubles the effects of the massage. The rose scent even helps you relax.

02 Claires Cloud 9
This product was perfected after undergoing 4 different clinical tests and is known to reduce melanin, soothe redness and maintain a bright skin tone for 12 hours. Along with its sun-block effect, Cloud 9 reduces the amount of melanin, known to be the source of skin blemishes and with constant use, helps your skin become clear. With 9 different plant extracts from ingredients such as Houttuynia cordata, Lilium candidum (also known as the Madonna Lily), Edelweiss and Aloe, the product also is effective in providing moisture for the skin.

03 DHC Rose Aroma Mist
Bulgarian damask roses are the base of this product and create a romantic scent. The molecular structure is a very fine snowflake type and provides direct moisture to dry skin. (photo by: Claires, MBC ‘Human Documentary I Love People’, SBS ‘Roommate’ program captures, Sisley, DHC, bntNews DB)


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