Capturing The Atmosphere Of Late Autumn, ‘Midnight Blue & Cherry Red’

[by Kim Boram] It is the end of deep and calm autumn that colors our hearts. The inevitable cold wind will take over the season. How can the vivid sensation that strengthens as our coats become thicker be expressed?

In the current era of uniqueness, expressing yourself with fashion is certainly not just your outer appearance. Whether it is for their satisfaction or for others, artistic fashion people that want to express their internal moods and conditions with style are increasing.

These people are enhancing their merits with color, not with cliché items. Look at celebrities standing in official events that have the full attention of the public. Style examples that hold the late autumn atmosphere and are sensitive to the trend suggests two modern colors that is fancy yet elegant, and classic yet modern.

1. Midnight Blue

We are at a point when summer is greatly over. If there is no courage to decorate the body with a refreshing blue, look deeper.

This color goes beyond navy and is of a darker color while holding a sensational mood. It is similar to the high night sky of autumn filled with shining stars.

Female celebrities who are chic but who also present modern senses, welcomed late autumn with midnight blue. The narrow perspective of thinking that one color decreases one’s femininity should be let go. There is no other color that gives such a refreshing feminine paradigm.

2. Black Cherry

Like how autumn is known as men’s ‘Season of solitude,’ how about changing autumn with an elegant expression of women’s ‘Season of gloom.’

The second color to be introduced also follows the season and goes beyond the Burgundy color. Absorbing a little more black, it becomes the color of Black Cherry.

Alluring and luxurious, Black Cherry becomes even more attractive from detailed points that a women’s maturity can be felt. The color has taken over the lips, beauty of nails, clutches, shoes and even floppy hats. If you are amidst a late autumn spurt, acquire luxurious colors and items that prepares for the approaching winter with wit.

Recommended Color Items

01.Tory Burch Shannon Double Button Coat 02. Valentino Vava Boom Clutch 03. Saint Laurent Zebra Print Python Skin High Heel 04. Bandi F402 Midnight Blue 05. Dolce Gabbana Jewel Neck Lace Dress 06. Nice Claup Floppy Hat 07. Bandi F507 Black Cherry 08. Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color Cherry Pink
(photo by Bandi, Tory Burch, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Dolce Gabbana, Nice Claup, Bobbi Brown Homepage, bntnews DB )


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