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The Onset Of Winter, Celebrities’ Equation To Settle Into Winter

[by Yoo Jeong] As the temperature drastically falls, the weather makes us cold mentally and physically so that we want to laze around at home. It is a situation where our confidence and our body’s condition are decreasing due to dry skin.

Celebrities we see on TV must be feeling the same cold as us but somehow they maintain tight skin with not even one spot, which prevent us from guessing their age. What is the secret to their skin filled with moisture?

The secret key can be found within the lifestyle habits of baby faced celebrities who are famous for being strict with their personal management. Let’s look at home care secret methods that are as effective as beauty salons’ treatments in order to be reborn with tight skin this winter.

The Secret Of Celebrities’ ‘Home Care’

Everybody knows that celebrities receive care from specialized esthetic salons. Besides this, it’s important to treat your skin with a suitable skincare. Whether you’re at home or outside, it’s a rule that shouldn’t be broken.

Lee Min Jung, who is now one man’s wife, maximizes skin care through meticulous skin management before sleeping. Basically, she applies a light serum and a rich cream with adequate ratio while massaging. Especially when the skin is exhausted from outdoor activities, she says it is important to apply moisturizing cream sufficiently.

Actress Nam Sang Mi considers basic care as an important step and said that she applies moisturizing cream sufficiently before sleeping without concern of the amount. Actress Ko Hyun Jung, who is famous for her baby face, says that she doesn’t expose her skin to heater even in cold weather.  

Completing The Day With Special Care

Working people deal with pollution and stress all day and sometimes can only rest at home after getting worn out from get-together meetings. They crave for special care every time they feel like their skin is greatly exhausted.  

It is the standard procedure for skincare in winter to be finished with cream but sometimes the skin may not be satisfied even after sleeping with a great amount of moisturizing cream on. In such cases, consider that you missed the opportunity to provide nutrition to your skin because nutrition creams only can’t satisfy skin’s needs.

GIB Prestige Filler Ampoule ’s package was inspired by syringes as it tightens the skin like a filler injection would. Since it contains peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid this double-functionality ampoule gives volume and moisture to the skin. It is effective when applied before sleep.

Get hold of this ampoule that has various usages as the weather gets colder and drier so that you can create a fully moisturized and nourished complexion this winter.  (photo by GIB, bntnews DB)

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