How To Protect My Skin From Dryness

[by Goo Hae Jin] It seemed like summer was nearing its end and now fierce winds have started to blow indicating the start of winter.

In the winter, it is fundamental to pay attention to your skin. The cold wind outdoors compared to the warm room temperature indoors may cause the skin to become not only sensitive but also very dry as well.

What are some steps to take in order to keep the skin from becoming dry? Let’s find out the ways to keep our skin moisturized with the exposure to dry air.

MAKE-UP Creates A Tight Layer That Doesn’t Dry Up

Method 1 Apply Moisturizing Cream Before Applying Makeup
The first method to protect the skin from drying is to apply moisturizing cream to the entire face so that a firm protective layer is formed. It is recommended that you use a light and fast absorbing gel-type moisturizer. In order to avoid the makeup from being rubbed off the skin, it is good to give the skin enough time to absorb the product before applying any makeup.

Method 2 Combine Foundation With Facial Oil
If you have dry skin that cannot be resolved by simply applying moisturizer, a facial oil product can be the solution. Facial oils can be used in your makeup routine by blending a drop of the product with a liquid type foundation. Not only does it give your face a natural glow but also creates a moisture layer keeps your face hydrated for a longer period of time.

Method 3 Use A Mist Spray When Your Face Is Dry
If you feel that your skin is dry after applying makeup it can be resolved by spraying mist directly on your face. When choosing a mist product it is important to find one that has small holes so that the product can be sprayed in fine particles. If the mist is sprayed in large particles it may only create blots on your makeup.

It is recommended that you use a mist product that uses plant oil so that it may create a more direct layer of protection for the skin. After you have sprayed the mist, lightly tap the skin so that it can deeply absorb the mist particles.

SKIN-CARE Special Care For Winter Skin

The first skin care method for winter skin is to remove the dead skin cells on your face. It is important to use a non-irritant scrub product to exfoliate the skin at least once a week.

After exfoliating it is crucial to calm the skin by applying a moisturizer full of nourishing ingredients. Using a mask pack or hydrating facial mask is also helpful in calming the skin. In the winter season, it is enough to use a mask only two to three times a week.
When using a moisturizer, mix the product with two drops of face oil to get a more effective hydration effect.

Editor’s Recommendations

This product contains a high level of moisture, being effective in portraying radiant skin as it blends easily into your skin.

2. 3 CONCEPT EYES ENRICHED TREATMENT FACE OIL This highly nourishing and enriched facial oil is effective for dry and puffy skin in that it effectively balances the moisture and oiliness of the skin. The product provides a firm protective layer that locks in moisture in the skin for a longer period of time.

3. 3 CONCEPT EYES MOIST GLOSSING FACE OIL MIST This product is a highly moisturizing oil mist that is composed of two layers, water and oil. You can achieve hydration and a natural glow if the mist is sprayed after cleansing, or before/after your makeup routine. (photo by: STYLENANDA, bnt DB)


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