Can Eyelid Surgery Only Fix Small And Sleepy Eyes?

[by Song Eun Ji] 25 years old Kim Eun Ah just began as an office worker and her cute face and bright personality are very popular with fellow workers and seniors. As she always smiles, Ms. Eun Ah frequently hears the compliment that she’s prettier when she does.

However, Ms. Eun Ah has a complex with her eyes. She was never satisfied with her small eyes, which nearly disappear when she smiles. Also, due to her sleepy looking eyes, she used to be called ‘Sleepy head,’ an unwanted nickname during her school life.

Although she had much fear until she became an office worker, she has now made the big decision to receive an eyelid surgery. Would Ms. Eun Ah be able to get big and sharp eyes after surgery?

Ms. Eun Ah is currently facing two problems. One is her small eyes and the other is her sleepy looking eyes. If she undergoes an eyelid surgery, would she be able to solve both? The answer is 'No'. Although she may be able to make her eyes look bigger with the surgery, it is difficult to fix sleepy looking eyes.

You can suspect that small and sleepy looking eyes suffer from blepharoptosis. If you frequently hear thatyou look sleepy or if wrinkles form on your forehead when you open your eyes, there is a high possibility that you have blepharoptosis.

Blepharoptosis refers to a symptom where one cannot normally open their eyes due to weak muscles. When an eyelid surgery is undergone without fixing blepharoptosis first, the eyelids may be raised even higher than before or the eyes may appear blearier. Therefore, Eye Fixation surgery is needed with eyelid surgery.

In order to solve the sleepy eye complex caused by blepharoptosis, ‘Clear Eye Fixation Surgery’ can be a good solution. ‘Clear Eye Fixation Surgery’solves problems caused by blepharoptosis, because of which eyes look sleepy as the eyelids cover the pupils.

Director Oh Dong Suk, a famous Korean plastic surgery doctor at Start Plastic Surgery, said the following; “Clear Eye Fixation Surgery is chosen as an effective surgery method to fix the eyes that look sleepy due to blepharoptosis. Not only does it make big but it also helps the eyes to open naturally since it considers the functional part of the surgery, giving you a lively and bright baby face after the surgery.”

Also, Director Oh advised the following; “Fixing blepharoptosis must be done by specialists based on sufficient clinical experience. Even after the surgery, strict management is required so it is wise to decide upon surgery after consulting a specialist at a trustworthy hospital.”(photo by Start Plastic Surgery, bntnews DB)


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