Kim Na Young’s ‘Body Care’ Know-How From ‘Get It Beauty'

[By Kim Hee Young] Entertainer Kim Na Young sets trends with a her unique and bold fashion style. Recently, she showed her bare skin care method on the Talking Mirror corner of OnStyle’s ‘Get It Beauty.

Kim Na Young showed how much she takes time and effort in self-care through many television programs. She introduced fun and useful products and her body care know-hows. She showed her secrets behind a toned and smooth body without flabby skin to wear skin-exposing outfits. Kim Na Young also showed her potential as a designer through her individuality. Let’s listen to her skin care methods and body care know-hows and put them into practice.

STEP 1. Kim Na Young’s ‘Body Item’

Exposing skin is essential to a fashionista. However, the cold weather in autumn and winter is very demotivating. Kim Na Young focuses on moisturizing by mixing a body lotion and an oil together. However, since it was too bothersome, she looked for one simplified item. She said that she uses a high moisturizing body butter which provides both a lotion’s and an oil’s effects.
She added that soft and creamy type body butter is especially good to dry skin and for exfoliation.

STEP 2. Kim Na Young’s Bare Skin Care Method

Kim Na Young showed her bare skin care method using two products. First of all, her high moisturizing body butter helps dry skin to maintain tightness and elasticity. Secondly, she recommended a reasonable heavy body lotion which is easy to pump. The point of this product is that you can put it on frequently, whenever the skin feels dry.

She said that it is easy to apply so it can be used as a hand cream on dry hands during autumn and winter.

STEP 3. Kim Na Young’s “HOW TO BODY CARE”

Recently, a product that contains ‘Camellia Oil’ is popular among celebrities. Kim Na Young uses this product and she showed her body care know-how. First, apply the body butter on the your calf and massage down towards your feet using your hand muscles. After that, it is important to loosen knotted muscles with a massage. It is good to spend a long time on it because the legs can get very tired when you stand or sit for too long.

☆ Na Young’s REAL ITEM Innisfree Jeju Camellia Body Butter & Lotion

Kim Na Young uses Innisfree’s ‘Jeju Camellia Body Butter'. The butter extracted from camellia’s seeds produces a moisture barrier and reduces dead skin cells and itchiness from dryness. This creamy and thick body butter has excellent long lasting moisturizing effect so it is a suitable product for people who feel dry using body lotion. Especially, this item is a must have item for those people who feel dry and itchy not only on the face but also on the body during autumn and winter. (Photo by: OnStlye ‘Get It Beauty)   


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