There’s A Fine Line Between Silky Hair And Dry Hair

[by Ham Rira] Celebrities’ hair is modified whenever seasons change. Their various hairstyles are so trendy that you would like to run to a nearby hair salon with a photograph of their hair in your mobile phone.

However, if you just follow the trend, you may lose your healthy scalp and hair. You can visit a beauty salon, but you cannot visit there every day.

The scalp, which is thinner than the skin, discharges sebum twice as much as that of the T-zone. Thus, it gets dirty easily if you neglect the management of it. Using shampoo is the first step for preventing scalp troubles. You need to remove the wastes on your scalp once a day in the evening to keep healthy hair.  

General shampoos contain synthetic surfactants to cause aging of the scalp and, in addition, the face. Using a shampoo containing a natural surfactant can reduce the aging of the scalp. You need to dry your hair with lukewarm or cold wind after using shampoo in order to help blood circulation and prevent your hair from getting dry.

Various products are released for a variety of hairstyles. Use a product that suits your scalp or hair to relieve the damage and prevent hair loss.

Wavy Hair

You can direct diverse styles with wavy hair: elegant, feminine, and lovely. It has plenty of merits including looking chic even after you wake up in the morning and your hair is tangled. You can get your hair permed at a beauty salon, or make curls with a curling iron.

However, you have to accept the pain that comes as your hair gets prettier. Your roots may loosen or your hair may break due to the heat and the pulling force. Maintain strong and beautiful hairstyles by taking care of your hair in advance, as it is easier to avert troubles than to alleviate them afterwards.

‘Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo’ Salicylic acid from wintergreen helps get rid of dead skin cells on your scalp and densiplex made from ginseng and turmeric improves damaged hair, making your hair more plentiful.

‘Hesol Anti-Hair Loss Day Tonic’ A tonic for the roots. It not only deters hair loss but also nurtures hair. Thus, if you use it every morning, your thin and weak hair will become strong. It is more reliable because it is permitted as a quasi-drug by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Apply 3-5 ml of the product onto your scalp and smoothly massage so it can be absorbed for a greater effect.

‘Amos Professional Repair Force Therapy Essential Oil’ It contains a complex of argan, camellia, jojoba seed, macadamia seed, rice bran, and grape-seed oil. It has a soft texture and fresh feeling after use. One hundred won is accumulated and donated to the Seoul National University Cancer Hospital each time the product is sold.

Straight Hair

If you stop your habit of perming your hair and change your hairstyle into your natural hair, everyone would pay a compliment. You may look fresh among others with a variety of wavy hairstyles.

Try to look more innocent with trimmed and lustrous hair.

‘Organix Hydrate & Defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo’ It blocks moisture in your hair with its moisture resistance and makes your hair misty and neat.

‘Elastine Silk Repair Hairpack’ An enriched pack that can give an effect as much as that of a beauty salon when used once a week. Phyllanthus urinaria L., a mysterious plant, delays oxidation by active oxygen, and natural silk protein improves severely damaged hair by combining with damaged hair tissues.Sericin, a natural substance, keeps the moisture balance of your hair.

‘Beyond Protecting Nature Defense Hair Tonic’ It is a hair tonic containing purple substances of cranberry, blueberry and plant substances including sophora root and hinokitiol. It inhibits your skin from being shiny due to sebum, and supplies nutrition to your scalp.   

Dyed Hair

Recently, the bright hair of Han Ye-seul, who came back through SBS drama ‘Birth of a Beauty’, is a subject of conversation. As a trend setter who made the balloon perm a fashion, she showed hair done with foil work this time. The color may look a little matte and thus a greater care needs to be taken.

Products are being released day by day that can recover the scalp, which has gotten more sensitive because of dyeing, and maintain the hair color. Look at these smart products if you want to avoid suffering from dry hair.

‘Hesol Oily Scalp Shampoo’ It is good for itchy and keen scalp. The product makes your fine and feeble hair glossier and healthier. Already, this product has been used and verified by power bloggers and is discussed by everyone. If you massage your scalp with this shampoo and take a foot bath for 10 minutes with a shower cap on your head, your scalp will relax and the pores will open to facilitate blood circulation. Thereby, your hair will be robust.

‘Amos Professional Color Force Leave-In Treatment’
A leave-in treatment that makes the color clearer and the hair softer until the next day. It is in the form of a cream, which is convenient as it may be left in and not washed out. It also protects the hair from ultraviolet rays as it contains sunblock ingredients.

‘L’Oreal EverStrong Thickening Tonic’ It contains essential oil from rosemary and juniper to give life and vitality to hair. Also, its amino acid complex makes your scalp better. No sulfate substance is used and thus the product recovers your original soft and sleek hair. (photo by Hesol, Aveda, Amos Professional, Organix, Elastine, Beyond, L’Oreal, bntnews DB)


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