Following The Makeup Of A.O.A.

[by Im Hye Jin] Halloween has passed and Christmas is approaching.

Halloween, Christmas, the beginning and end of the year allow for many festive parties and various meetings. It is at these events that you can try out makeup styles that are different from your normal makeup routine.

It is the time to try out colorful makeup, something you may have felt shy to do on a normal basis. However there are many women who are not sure of how to start a makeup routine so different from what they are used to. At this point, it is good to take into consideration the stage makeup of idol stars.

The girl idol group A.O.A, known for its hit songs such as and , is receiving love not only for the members' stage performances but also for their makeup. Among the many members of the group, Cho Ah and Hye Jung’s makeups are two styles that many females want to copy.

Let’s find out how to do A.O.A’s makeup, a routine that females who are not used to glamorous makeup can easily copy. It can transform you into a sexy and attractive woman with a slight touch up.

>>> Cho Ah's Makeup

The key point of Cho Ah’s makeup is the emphasis put on the eyes. However it is important to create a clean look by using one color that stands out. First use CC cream to brighten the skin tone. Take a pea-size amount of the product and apply by dabbing lightly on to the eyes, nose, around the lips, forehead and chin.

The next stage is to apply foundation onto blemishes that were not covered by the CC cream. The foundation is acting as a concealer. Then it is now time to do the most important part of the makeup routine, the eye makeup.

In the case of eye makeup, use a shadow in a pink shade. First apply the shadow onto a brush and tap the brush once to control the amount of shadow on the it. Then, apply the shadow to the whole eyelid. Next, apply a one shade darker eye shadow to create a gradation effect.

After that, use a pearly purple eyeliner to completely cover the whole eye line. Extend the tip of the eye line to create a slightly upward wing but do this so that it is naturally faded out. Smudge the end with a cotton swab or your fingers.

Use pen-type eyeliner to draw attention to the eyes once again. Black is a recommended color in this stage. Curl the eyelashes and use mascara to accentuate them. At this stage, make sure to apply the mascara from the roots of the lashes in a zig-zag motion to add to the glamour.

Rather than accentuating individual lashes, the point of this look is to give the essence of exaggeration and elaborateness. Now that the eyes are accentuated, create a graduation effect on the lips. Apply a neon pink colored lipstick on the inner center of the lip and apply a clear lip-gloss over.

>>> Hye Jung's Makeup

Hye Jung’s makeup consists of using products that have similar colors to Cho Ah’s makeup routine while giving a more feminine appearance. In the case of face makeup, you can do the same routine as Cho Ah’s facial makeup routine.

The only difference is that in Hye Jung’s makeup, you must pay more attention to blemish coverage. Use a concealer at the last stage of the makeup routine around the eye, lips, sides of the nose, blemishes and blackish areas for coverage. The key point of this makeup routine is to portray a flawless matte tone rather than a glowing radiant skin.

After this, clean out the oiliness around the eyes using a powder that removes sebum. The color of the eye shadow that will be applied in the next stage will last longer if this process is done properly. Apply eye shadow of a red shade. Products that contain only a little bit of pearl are recommended.

Add a gradation effect by applying eye shadow a little over the double eyelid lining. If you have mono-lids then just apply the eye shadow to only a third of the entire eyelid. It is recommended to apply it into an angle that does not appear awkward when you open and close the eyes.

The eye line should be thinly drawn according to the shape of your eye. Using a black colored eyeliner, completely fill in the upper lining of the eye. Next, apply eye shadow of a brown shade over the drawn line. This is to create a gradation effect that doesn't appear awkward.

Then, the next step is to apply fake lashes but it is important to cut them into appropriate sizes and to attach them in several pieces. This is to portray naturally long lashes. If you wish to enhance the doll-like effect, attach fake lashes of a similar length to the under eye line as well.

Apply a nude tone on the lips to finish the makeup routine. Before applying the lip color, make sure to fully moisturize and apply a concealer to tone down the color of the lips. If you wish to accentuate the feminine look it is good to choose a salmon color lipstick. It will help create a softer look.

>>>If You Wish To Follow The Makeup Of Idol Stars?

01 TONYMOLY delight mono shadow glitter←Editor’s pick★
This eye shadow is full of moisture and is made of fine and smooth particles for a creamy texture. The product smoothly coats the skin and creates radiance with its metallic pearl-like particles. It can portray various looks due to the variety of colors the product is available in.

02 GUERLAIN Ombre Éclat Base Paupières Smoothing and Priming Base
This product is a compacted powder type eye primer that acts as a base shadow due to its bright shade and also helps the color of the eye shadow applied on top of the product to have better coloration. The product is also useful in providing a long-lasting effect and lessens creases in the eyelids.

This mascara is a product that is composed of a nourishing base coat. The product gives nutrients to the lashes while allowing them to look 80% longer. A top-coat is also included in the product, a long-lasting effect. The unique quality of this product is that it can be cleansed with lukewarm water.

This pencil-type eyeliner is a waterproof product that has a long-lasting effect. The product is good for portraying a natural makeup as well as a smoky makeup. It is available in various colors and applies smoothly making it easy to use for anyone. (photo by: A.O.A. official facebook, music video screen captures, TONY MOLY, L’OREAL PARIS, MAKE UP FOR EVER, GUERLAIN, bntNews DB)


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