3-Step Skin Care For Bright Skin

[by Shin Hyunjeong] The white flawless skin of stars always makes the public wonder and desire for lightening their skin.

If you want to look just a little bit like the celebrities, you have to take care of your skin with foods, procedures, and skin whitening cosmetics. You need to use foods you can get easily, remove dark spots on your skin through procedures, and control melanin hidden in your skin with skin whitening products. You can lighten your skin successfully only when you take these three steps.

▶ Foods

If only you eat tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and green tea, which are often used for weight loss, you can also improve your skin tone. Lycopene, which makes tomatoes red, can prevent aging and also enhance your skin tone. In particular, cherry tomatoes have more vitamin C and beta carotene than general tomatoes and are more suitable for whitening the skin.

Potassium contained in sweet potatoes discharges wastes in your body to the outside to help brighten your face. Anthocyanin removes active oxygen in your body to avert aging of your skin. Green tea is effective for both prevention of aging and reproduction of skin with catechin having antioxidant effects and sour taste.

On top of that, it is also good to add bell peppers, spinach, and lotus roots to your meals frequently. Bell peppers have plenty of Vitamins A and C to stave off pigmentation of melanin and activate the work of skin cells. Spinach and lotus roots create red blood cells and accelerate blood circulation to clean the blood. Spinach contains vitamin, folic acid, and biotin, while lotus root has tannin, mucin, and iron.

However, if you want to enjoy whitening effects with foods, you have to steadily eat the foods and wait for the results with patience.

▶ Procedures

You need to have a procedure to treat melasma and blemishes on your skin. The intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy has been used often for treatment of skin pigmentation for a long time. Its merit is that various wavelengths can be applied at the same time to treat enlargement of capillary vessels, pigmentation, and expansion of pores at once. It makes a strong light with complex wavelengths that is divided and reaches the skin.

Laser toning is frequently used for treating melasma. It treats dark skin tone, melasma, coloration, and freckles by repeatedly shooting laser at a low level, not giving a great burden to the tissues. Laser toning is gaining attention as it can selectively destroy the pigments in the true skin layer, not giving damages to the surrounding tissues.

If you want to brighten your skin additionally, peeling may be your choice. Recently, new peeling methods are developed to minimize exfoliation and have less irritation on the skin. Thus, they can accompany a variety of procedures including laser therapy. Basically, peeling is a procedure to make the skin shine.

▶ Cosmetics

Dark spots are formed on the skin through creation, synthesis, and movement of melanin. That is why you may not skip whitening care for your skin even though no dark spots are visible on your skin yet. If you want to control even the invisible elements that can become dark spots later, you must use skin whitening cosmetic products.

Some say that skin whitening cosmetics can irritate the skin, but, recently, companies are releasing products that have overcome the limit with effective ingredients extracted from natural materials. Of these, Claire’s ‘Cloud-X’ comes to mind as a product with superior whitening effects and no irritation.

The ‘Cloud-X’ is made from natural extracts with whitening and cell reproduction effects including lotus, peony, chrysanthemum, dandelion, and sweetbrier. The product’s whitening effects went through inspection through five types of testing on a human body.

You can experience an immediate whitening effect with the ‘Cloud-X’, which is proved to keep the skin bright for 12 hours. It brightens your skin tone, makes melasma and blemishes on your skin lighter, and recovers your original skin. (photo by Claire’s, bntnews DB)

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