Mask Packs Are A Good Habit of Supplying Moisture To Dry Skin

[by Choi Kwang Jae] Skin bothers people 24/7. In particular, autumn is very dry so skin gets dry and rough. Therefore constant care is essential.

In this situation, people envy TV celebrities’ skin. To have smooth and elastic skin, constant care is essential. The most effective method at this point is using a mask pack. Mask packs are cheap with high effectiveness.

Mask packs are divided into many different types- skin type, ingredients, and effects. You can choose a suitable mask pack according to your taste. Let’s look at how you can use a mask pack effectively.  

■ Preparation Process Before Using a Mask Pack

You can increase the effect of the mask pack if you cleanse and exfoliate your skin before using it.

If waste and sebum remains on the skin, not only mask packs but also makeup products doesn’t get absorbed well into the skin. You will have a better result when you wash the face with a cleanser and exfoliate using a product which doesn’t irritate the skin.  

Also, before the mask pack, use a steam towel to heat up and open the pores. This will allow the ingredients to get absorbed into the skin much faster.
■ Correct Mask Pack Instructions

Using a lot of skin care products like skin, lotion and serum before a mask pack disturbs absorption. Therefore it is good to use it after the minimum basic skin care.

Recommended basic skin care products are essential oil or other essence type products. These products allow the skin to have a higher absorption force which will make moist skin.  

Also, tapping the face after the mask pack helps absorption of the remaining ingredients. If there is remaining essence inside the pack, putting it onto the neck is another effective method.

■ Choosing The Mask Pack that Suits One’s Taste

There is a great variety of mask pack ingredients. Also, it is important to choose the suitable mask pack because the sheet’s materials are divided into many different types.

Especially, the recently released step by step mask packs caught the beauty industry’s interest.

Form these products, the most popular mask pack is Dermal Korea’s 2step Bayliss Synergy Ampoule Mask. This product consist an ampoule which you put on first and a silk cellulose sheet which you put on after the ampoule.

Bayliss Synergy Aqua Moisture Ampoule & Essence Mask with high moisturizing effect fulfills the skin with nutrition and moisture. It is a suitable item during autumn because it supplies plenty of moisture to the skin.

If you are concerned about skin care due to dry weather or want to make moist skin or enhance the skin elasticity, how about finding a solution through mask packs? (Photo by: Dermal Korea, bnt News DB)


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Write: 2014-11-14 16:57:20 / Update: 2014-11-19 14:08:09

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