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Lee Sung Gyung's Fashion Troika's 3 Styling Keywords

[by Kim Bo Ram / Translated by Nawael Khelil] She, who the public always call ‘pretty’, is not limited to a harmonious face and a delicate slim and stretched body. Lee Sung Gyung became the kind of rising star who receives a nickname, and she’s called the ‘feeling beauty’ as her eyes translate a mysterious innocence.

Flaunting her model-like figure dressed in sensual outfits at official events is part of her routine. Lee, who’s everywhere on TV and magazines, expresses her own fashion style to answer to this very cold season.

By looking at her latest campaign for LAP, a Korean brand very ‘Hollywood Boulevard’, we managed to pick three key words that describe the fashion individuality that she boasts at every event. Let’s try to understand and take over Lee Sung Gyung’s ‘Fashion Troika’.

FASHION TROIKA, 1st keyword


It would be a crime to hide such beautiful legs. Like a true fashion people, she forgets about seasons and shows off a two-piece with neon details that exposes her legs matched with a pair of ankle boots for a taller, longer silhouette.

In her pictorial, she gives away a really warm feeling with a thick outer. She may wear either a dark topper or a long padding jacket, she will remain ‘bottomless’ regardless of the temperature.

‘Forever denim’

The times change and the months go by fast but some items stick to our dressing, and denim pants are some of them. They adjust to the 4 seasons to always receive the same amount of love. As much as she loves to wear bold clothes, Lee Sung Gyung never leaves her denim pants.

She recommends trying a monotone knit cardigan over blue denim pants if you find it hard to add other colors to your outfit. That’s one way to create a good street-style look. It’s impossible not to consider monotone items that look good with everything as must-haves for the deepening seasons.

FASHION TROIKA 3rd keyword
‘Colorful range’

The way you add color to an outfit can have a big impact on the first impression you give away. With her light skin tone, Lee Sung Gyung can emphasize the charisma of any bold color.

If your winter dressing is filled with black clothes, try to play differentiation with colorful items. If you only know how to use tone-to-tone, try to use a strongest color into layering to complete a cool casual look like the ones seen on her pictorial. (photos by LAP, bntnews DB)   

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