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‘Cozy Wear’ In The Brutal First Act Of ‘Apgujeong Midnight Sun’

[by Ham Rira] As the viewing rate of MBC drama ‘Apgujeong Midnight Sun’,about which the public keeps getting curious, is increasing, its main characters’ styles are at the same time becoming issues.

Drama ‘Apgujeong Midnight Sun’ is written by Lim Sung Han, a trusted dramatist known for daring and bold stories. After each episode is over, there is an overflow of inquiries on the story and the items that the main characters wear in the drama.

On streets, we can frequently notice styles that make use of warm knitwear due to the cold weather. The drama, which describes the stories of young men and women, is also drawing many audiences’ attention by presenting ‘cozy wear’ that fits each character.

Hoping For The Second Jang Bori, Baek Ya

Baek Ya, who has been depending on her older brother without parents throughout her life, faces the death of her brother in an accident and also learns about the secret behind her birth. This is where her revenge starts. Yet, her clothes are warm and snug even in this violent situation. She chose knitwear and warm colors that can look cozy in this season.

Siero's 7 Knitwear With Bell Sleeves. The white 7 knitwear with bell sleeves presents a loose oversized fit that anyone can wear comfortably. The collarbone area is a sea-through style, reducing stuffiness.

Korea’s Tang Wei, Yook Sun Ji

Baek Ok Dam is getting popular little by little with her graceful and pure look that resembles Tang Wei, a Chinese top star. Her fashion, hairstyles, and many others points are also receiving as much attention as herself.

Playing the role of a painter whose main subject is flowers, Baek Ok Dam usually shows lovely styles in the drama. She wears a man-to-man T-shirt with flower prints as well as feminine items such as laced tops.

Plastic Island's Knit Cardigan With Starry Design. She chose an item that slightly covers the hips, allowing both short and tall women to wear it comfortably. White star patterns are embroidered on the cardigan to ease boredom, eliminating the plain feeling that comes from the black cardigan.  

Immature And Youngest Daughter In A Rich Family, Georgia

Growing up as the youngest daughter in a rich family without any deficiency and inconvenience, Georgia is always a confident and inexorable character who always gets what she wants no matter what. She is rather smug and very snobby, she always presents lovely styles.

There are endless inquiries by many female audiences on the skirts or one-piece dresses that she wears very often. In particular, many people loved her T-shirt and one-piece dress matched with a yellow shoulder bag in episode 18.
Tweed Jacquard One-Piece Dress. Made of tweed, it already feels warm. But Georgia matched it with a blouse to look cozier and more feminine.

Since it has a neat style without being 'too-much', you should put on knitwear or a one-piece dress in a coat when you go to work or attend a social gathering. (photo by: Plastic Island, Siero, screenshots of MBC ‘Apgujeong Midnight Sun’)

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