‘Lovely Or Innocent’ Makeup Of Stars At Official Events

[by Koo Hyejin] The makeup of celebrities for official events can be summarized with two keywords: ‘lovely, or innocent.’

Lee Yu-bi and Park Shin-hye showed a lovely makeup emphasizing the freshness of twenty somethings at the production presentation for the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Pinocchio.’

Then, there are also entertainers who stirred up a protective instinct. Oh Yeon-seo, who became a major star through the MBC drama ‘Jang Bo-ri Is Here!,’ and Lim Ji-yeon with a clean, attractive mask, both put on a natural makeup to appeal to male viewers.

Now, let’s check out the makeup of these four stars at official events.

Lee Yu-bi – Park Shin-hye

Lee Yu-bi and Park Shin-hye are the two main female characters for the SBS drama ‘Pinocchio,’ which began to be televised on November 12th. The two icons of freshness and activeness are expected to display great acting in the drama, which depicts the lives and youth of local news reporters who try to reveal the truth.

Lee Yu-bi and Park Shin-hye wore a black off-shoulder dress and an orange mini dress, respectively, for the production presentation for ‘Pinocchio’ on November 6th. Lee Yu-bi, with her shoulders exposed, properly used black eyeliner and mascara to stress her big. On top of that, her pink lips completed her cute and adorable style.

Park Shin-hye also gave a point on her lips with a charming orange lipstick matching her orange dress, along with a natural base makeup.  She made her eyes look deeper with an eye shadow in apricot color with distinct eyebrows.

Oh Yeon-seo – Lim Ji-yeon

Actress Oh Yeon-seo picked a pink chiffon dress, which is reminiscent of an ancient Greek goddess. Here, she added a female feeling by tying only half of her hair back, which is liked by many male fans. Her makeup point was a natural look. She had moist coral lips, while slimming her facial contour with a highlighter and by shading.

Actress Lim Ji-yeon, who showed an unconventional acting in the movie ‘Obsessed,’ caught attention with a pure makeup suited to her original image. Her skin was shiny as if she has just washed her face, causing envy among many women. She wore the lightest possible base makeup, directing gloss on her T-zone and apple zone.

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