Pay Attention To The Lower Parts Of The Face! Maintaining The Beautiful Neck And Décolletage

[By Shin Hyun Jung] Décolletage is French, meaning ‘reveal the neck’. It is used in the fashion industry to describe the low top edge of clothes such as the breast or shoulder line. Normally, it is seen in a cocktail dress or an evening dress.

Décolletage is not only used in the fashion industry. The beauty industry is paying attention to it as well. Beauty gurus started to focus on the parts around the neck and décolletage. Since people are getting younger these days with cosmetic surgery and cosmetic’s development, they are seeking to differentiate themselves by having a young neck and décolletage line.

Now, you need to pay attention to the lower parts of your face.

▶ The Collarbone Massage

Décolletage which means the top of the neck, the collarbone, and the breast, has a lymphatic gland so if the circulation is smooth, the metabolism improves. Starting from the lower part of the face, the whole face slowly gets brighter as the elimination of the body waste gets faster and blood circulation improves. This is the reason why you need to take care of the neck and décolletage properly.

It starts from stimulating the lymphatic gland by massaging using a massage cream or oil. At this point, focus on the collarbone line first. The collarbone skin is thin and moves a lot so it is easy to sag or wrinkle so it needs special care.

Start the massage from under the collarbone and slide down towards the breast. After, put the finger tips on the middle of the collarbone and massage from inside to outside. Repeat this 5 times and reverse the ways using the same method.

 If the muscles around the shoulder or breast get tight easily, it is good to lightly press down under the collarbone with the middle finger. You will be able to feel the knotted muscles getting relaxed.

▶ Neck Massage

The connecting line from the side of the neck to the shoulder is the part where woman can maximize their charm. The curves shown through the collar needs to look smooth.

The skin of the neck is thin and it is easy to get wrinkles like the collarbone. In order to massage the neck line, pull the neck high so the muscles can stretch. Make a fist and slowly massage down starting from under the ears to the shoulder.

Massage up and down and strengthen the power when the wrist is upwards and loosen the power when the wrist is downwards. Repeat 10 times back and forth so it can stimulate the neck.

▶ The Neck and The Décolletage Wants Skin Care

With the massage, the anti-aging care for the neck and the collarbone which is the next step towards skin care. The neck skin needs moisturizing just like the face. This is to prevent from getting wrinkles or sagging.

If so, what kind of product is needed for the neck and the collarbone’s anti-aging care? The suitable product is the horse oil cream which is known to cure chapped hands and feet and helps with blood circulation.

Horse’s fat, the horse oil’s anti-aging effect is recorded in China’s classic medical book, Supplementary Records of Famous Physicians and Compendium of Materia Medica. Horse oil is very similar to human’s sebum composition and it is high is absorption, skin protection, cell restoration promotion and antibacterial function. Consequently, it was a widely used treatment.

Especially, Klair’s Guerisson 9 Complex Horse Oil Cream is perfect in preventing aging of the neck and the collarbone. It produces oil barrier which protects the skin from external stimulus. When it gets absorbed, it improves blood circulation.

The representative of Klair’s said, “The compound word Guerisson is formed from French words GUERIS (cured, recovered) and SON (own). It means one’s own skin recovery and cure. I recommend you to turn back the skin condition by using this product in the neck and the décolletage massage.” (Photo by, Klair’s, bntnews DB)


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