A Study On The Skin Of Two Very Popular Girls, Han Sunhwa And Jun Hyoseong

[by Yoo Jeong] The popularity of Han Sunhwa and Jun Hyoseong, two members of the girl group ‘Secret,’ is continuously surging.

Han Sunhwa, who played the main role for the first time in tvN drama ‘Marriage, Not Dating,’ is now an actress, who is not awkward. Likewise, Jun Hyoseong, a member of the same group, is becoming the talk of TV viewers every day for her sexy body.

They also are loved much by women. Many are inquiring about the beauty care of Han Sunhwa, who covered the romantic comedy genre, and Jun Hyoseong, a sample of a voluptuous woman with a baby face. Let’s see how to have a shiny skin like theirs.

◼ Lip Color Of Han Sunhwa, A Next-Generation ‘Romantic Comedy Queen’

Han Sunhwa, whose acting skills are acknowledged through the tvN drama ‘Marriage, Not Dating’, a cable TV channel, came to act as the main character in a drama of a public TV network. She took the part of Baek Jang-mi, who is an immature mamma’s girl, in the drama ‘Rosy Lovers,’ currently televised at MBC.

The makeup point of Han Sunhwa, a so-called ‘popular girl,’ is a natural lip color. The lip color makes the best synergy with her glossy skin. Female idols, who have an active skin makeup, boasting their ‘honey skin,’ have no freckles or skin troubles.

Once you have worn a makeup to make your skin look brilliant, you need to organize your lip lines with a concealer or foundation. After that, it may be good to make a color gradation from your inner lips with a lipstick or a colored lip balm.

Lip balm products that are recently released make great colors and supply enough moisture. You can increase the volume of your lips with only one lip balm. Keep in mind that moist lips can also lighten your whole face.

◼ Moisture Care Of Sensuous Jun Hyoseong

Jun Hyoseong, who fully deserves the description ‘a voluptuous woman with a baby face,’ has now settled as one of the idols who represent voluminous beauty. She tried to show diverse images after her debut, by going on a diet, and she is now making efforts to do her duty as the leader of the girl group ‘Secret.’ Recently, she is also acting in the KBS1 drama ‘My Dear Cat.’  

In the drama, she plays the role of Han Su-ri, a reporter for a magazine, showing off her smooth skin. They say her moist skin matches her role, who is a little whimsical but active.

As the weather gets colder and colder and winter approaches, many have troubles in taking care of the moisture in their skin. In order to maintain your skin as sleek as that of stars like Jun Hyoseong, you need to supply moisture 24 hours a day. Of course, moisture includes that of your body as well as that of your face.

The best care at home is to properly use a moisture cream to suit your skin before going to bed. A mask pack would also be great. However, you better carry a mist spray and hand cream for use during the day. In particular, it is good to pick a hand cream containing 20% shea butter with your favorite fragrance. (photo by Faith in Face, bntnews DB)

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