The 'Party Queen' Look Of Daejong Film Awards

[by Choi Mi Sun / Translated by Nawael Khelil] If you belong to this group of people who are concerned about the end of the year’s parties and their fashion, stay here. Don’t you want to be the Queen of this extravaganza that allows everything?

A Queen, that is what Lee Honey was on the red carpet of this year’s Daejong Film Awards as she flaunted a gorgeous asymmetric LBD. It’s fair to say that this moderately beautiful curves-revealing black dress didn’t turn the lady into a basic sex-symbol but into a genuine bombshell who managed to express her own beauty with a few jewelries (teardrop earrings) and a red lipstick.

By analyzing the outfit that Lee Honey wore for the Daejong Film Awards ceremony, you can transform into an actress even without being a celebrity. The most important thing is styling. If you can express you individuality with clear details, you will be able to rule over this year’s parties.

Lee Honey’s Fashion at Daejong Film Awards

‘A fascinating ‘classic lady’ look

DRESS Mid-length dresses are the most elegant. However, it’s better for you to choose the length that fits your body and your personality (short exudes lightness while long gives a dramatic mood). If you want a classic item, go for Givenchy’s LBD, which was Audrey Hepburn’s iconic piece during the 50s-60s.

ACCESSORY You can easily bring vitality to a boring black outfit with a colorful clutch. Go for an item with studs or glitters for a great mix’n’match.

HAIR When you’re already bold on jewelries and clutch, go for a moderate hairstyle that will take the drama out of your look. The perfect styling her would be a low bun.

Add a vivid red lipstick that contrasts with your black dress for a refined look. The originator of red lips, Chanel, will add a touch of glamour and perfect a beautiful skin tone and a stylish silhouette.

NAIL During this kind of public events, you can be required to show your hands a lot: handshakes or holding your flute of champagne are one of the most common reasons. Use a glittery item that would reflect the light and enlighten your hands. Bandi’s DIA STONE gel shines brighter than gems for your nails to be in the mood for the end of the year’s party. (photos by as tagged, bntnews DB)


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The 51st Daejong Film Awards

Write: 2014-11-25 16:52:29 / Update: 2014-11-26 12:03:04

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