Femme Fatale Min Hyo-rin Shows Her Fatal Charm

[by Kim Hee-young] Actress Min Hyo-rin published a beauty pictorial full of autumn and winter moods.

Min Hyo-rin’s stylish and strong makeup usually stands out enough for her to be invited to fashion and beauty events often. She is gaining attention once again with a unique concept for the pictorial.   

In this pictorial, she escaped her nice and calm image to show off a deep charm of a femme fatale as well as her girlish emotions. Here is an analysis of the makeup in the photographs.

# RED & BLACK, Elegant and Intellectual

Min Hyo-rin’s red and black makeup catches the eyes in this attractive photograph. The black color is emphasized against her smooth and white skin.  

She stressed the red lipstick with black mascara to make voluminous eyelashes and eyeliner for deep eyes. Also, she completed a luxurious concept with a gold brown color.

# PINK, Fresh and Cute

Min Hyo-rin chose a foundation with a pink base and a lipstick having a pink and peach color mixture. She directed the arrogant but lovely color to look better.

In particular, purple and light violet nail colors are the key point of the concept. They boast the harmony of a natural style and a princess look without any regular pattern.

Real Beauty Items In Min Hyo-rin’s Pictures

1.    ‘Ten Seconds High-Solution Super Fine Liner’ Its mellow black color directs clear eyes, while its elastic brushes make a sophisticated eyeline.
2. ‘Ten Seconds High-Solution Super Volume Mascara’ A mascara for directing plentiful and distinct eyelashes. It is highly resistant to sebum and moisture to prevent powder from falling. The product is also easy to remove as it neatly melts in lukewarm water.
3. ‘Ten Seconds High-Glossy Gel Nail 16 Metallic Wine’ The item is prevented from solidifying by being put in a square bottle with a double cap. It can hardly be divided thanks to two stainless steel beads inside the container. Its high-gloss color like a gel nail color is its key feature. (Five holiday nail colors are planned to be released in the same product line!)
4. ‘Ten Seconds High-Glossy Gel Nail 28 Chocolate Pink’ Its sharp color lasts very long. You can use its flat brush especially cut to fit the curves of your nails to get your nails done at once.
5. ‘Ten Seconds High-Tox Lipstick 21 Actress Red’ This is a very popular product due to the beautiful color and easy application. In particular, its color is the most intensive one of all red colors.
6. ‘Ten Seconds High-Tox Lipstick 03 Wedding Pink’ The item is a lipstick for full lips without wrinkles. The enriched serum contained supplies moisture to your pretty lips.

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Write: 2014-11-27 17:40:05 / Update: 2014-12-04 14:54:13

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