Let’s Get A Boyfriend! Try This Romantic Girlish Makeup

[by Koo Hyejin] Christmas is only a month away.

At this point, if you have someone to see on the birthday of Jesus Christ, you are a lucky one. But, wait. You don’t have anyone to share the precious moments in the winter? That’s too bad!

However, don’t be frustrated so easily. You have plenty of opportunities and techniques. Stylenanda prepared a ‘romantic girlish makeup’ for you to enjoy this year’s Christmas as happily as possible.

Transparent And Moist Base Makeup

The key point of the romantic girlish makeup is to make a skin base, which is the thinnest but moist at the same time. Let’s put on a moisturizing film on your skin with skin care products before beginning the makeup in earnest.

Here, use a basic cosmetic product with a sunblock function added, which will be more effective. Don’t forget to lightly tap your face to let the moisture be absorbed fully before going on to the next step.

A BB cream that covers your flaws may be a good choice. Apply a proper amount of BB cream on your entire face. A BB cream mattifies your skin by naturally gripping it.

Tender Color Makeup

Next, let’s wear a color makeup in a glamorous mood. If you are in your twenties, try a fresh coral lipstick. Coral contains both the cheerful orange and the fabulous pink, leading to a great match with any  skin tone.

As mentioned above, coral is a basic color to suit any skin color. Stylenanda’s ‘3 CONCEPT EYES CREAMY LIP COLOR-#2’ is perfect for a fabulous makeup. Its extreme moisture melts on your lips, directing a smooth lip color.

‘3 CONCEPT EYES VOLUME & LONGLASH MASCARA’ This product directs cleaner, deeper eyes by making particles of black pigmentation. It is light and soft and can make abundant eyelashes by being fully spread up to their ends.

‘3 CONCEPT EYES BACK TO BABY BB CREAM’ The item makes your skin look like that of a baby as if you are wearing a baby skin veil over your face. You can boast healthy skin with its clear glossy film with crystal powder.

‘Under Eye Flash,’ Answer For Adorable Color Makeup

The ‘3 CONCEPT EYES UNDER EYE FLASH’ will double your picturesque look. Its long-lasting under eye flash directs attractive eyes, which are sometimes mild and other times brilliant.

Product #1 ‘romanticism’ completes innocent and lovely eyes with pink beige and gold colors. Slightly touch your eyes with it, and make a gradation with the Product #3 ‘Lovable’ on your under-eye bags to look more gracious. (photo by Stylenanda, bntnews DB)

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