‘Makeup Knowhow’ For Those Wearing Eyeglasses

[by Song Eunji] Women who wear eyeglasses have a common worry: Makeup.

You may think, ‘Must I put on eye makeup even though I wear glasses? It will make no difference anyway.” However, you cannot skip makeup every day. Then, what kind of makeup do you have to put on under glasses?

If you have this question in mind every morning, now listen. We have looked at the makeup knowhow to stand out even when you’re wearing a pair of eyeglasses.

▶ Pick Glasses That Suit Your Face Shape

From top) 01 Andre Kim’s ‘AKF-4853D,’ 02 renoma’s ‘rf-2037D,’ 03 Paul Hueman’s ‘PHF-770A by BANDO OPTICAL’

In order to become prettier, you first choose a pair of glasses that matches you well before putting on makeup. Your look varies according to the eyeglasses’ frame shape and color, and thickness of the lens.

If you don’t like your somber image, try a glasses frame in a bright color such as white. On the other hand, if you want to direct a sophisticated and intellectual look, select a frame in a dark color including black and navy.

Then, what about the shape of the eyeglasses frame? If your face is in the shape of an egg, then any frame design will match you. In other cases, you had better select a frame which is the opposite of your face shape.

That is, if your face is an inverted triangle, an oval frame is best for you; if you have a round face, a square glasses frame is yours; and those of you with square faces had better put on eyeglasses with a round frame.

▶ Keep Within Bounds On Makeup Under Glasses

The most important principle in makeup under eyeglasses is to use moderation. Avoid too splendid makeup as it does not show off under the glasses and even feels unnatural. A clean makeup with a point would be best.

√ Daily Makeup Under Eyeglasses

We recommend a makeup with semi-shading in a nude tone as an everyday makeup under glasses. Direct deep eyes with an eyeshadow in a beige or brown color, finishing with thin eyelines.

As others come to focus on your eyebrows rather than your eyes under glasses, make them as neat as possible. First fill in between the eyebrows with a powder for eyebrows and then draw a clear line with an eyebrow pencil.

√ Special Makeup Under Glasses

On a special day, you also want your makeup to be special. If you want a unique makeup, try one in a similar color to that of your glasses frame.

If you are not confident in doing the eye makeup, try to give a point to your lips. Apply a lipstick in vivid red, orange, or burgundy to your whole lips. Here, use a lip brush to clarify the lines.

It doesn’t matter if you give a point on your eyes or your lips. However, remember: when you wear makeup under eyeglasses, give a point to only one part among your eyes and your lips, not both of them. Then, you can look sophisticated without an awkward feeling. (photo by Bando Optical, bntnews DB)

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